Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review Alice at heart by Deborah Smith

Its a charming story of water people, excepting differences in our selves and others. Alice lived most of her life being hated for being different.  Boys assaulted her and laughed. Her family hated her. She was told her teenage mom killed herself because of her.
Alice lives alone by a lake in a cabin.  Where she feels safer and more at peace swimming in the lake. Alice works at a pet store. Alice has never left her area.
One day while swimming nude in the freezing water she hears  a scream of    child fell into the lake. Alice is aways off but swims faster than anyone believes and can hold her breath for over an hour.  Rescues the child. Instead of being grateful everyone thinks she might have done it for glory, because no one believes her truth. the child grandfather is the state govenor.  Alice is given award but no one really celebrates what she did.
Her other side of the family just realizes by the paper who Alice is and comes to take her home with them and tells her about her family.
Griff is a treasure hunter and has unbelieveable talents for finding ships and exploring them.  An old world war bomb explodes in the water killing everyone else but him he hears Alice in his mind telling him to breath that he can. Griff lives but has broken legs and other wounds and comes back to his home.
Alice and Griff learn together about thier families and the journeys they have gone on and what really happened and where they came from.
I enjoyed the story.

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