Thursday, June 9, 2011

review: A blurred line by brian healy

This book was hard for me to rate. I was involved talking to them.'Don't to that or say that. They did not listen to me
It looks into Kevin and kylie's marraiage. they start fighting and talking have the fight in thier heads half the time. Kevin works in a office in town. Kylie a stay at home mom.  they have a girl and a boy house in suberbs. Kevin meets Rachel on subway on monday. Same day Kylie' meets chris.  You see themselves telling lies and rationalize what they are starting to do
One major little thing that bugged me was when they were talking in thier minds they were always saying we.
the story was well written and made you get involved in thier story. Its easy to make small wrong steps to the big ones.31/2 stars I was given the book in exchange of reviews.

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