Tuesday, June 14, 2011

review:heirs of mars prelude by Joesph robert lewis

Prelude to mars starts out above venus with the Mother robot satelite. mother scrounges parts to make her children. Mother was oringally Hypatia college project to launch a cheap satellite to observe venus.  Hypatia had self-awareness and when they tried to shut her off. started a war.
  India was one of her children who was given to love Wolfram. Mother was trying to survive and ended up using part wolfram for parts. India was devasted and closed down for over a year.  Later showed her mother the feelings that she had.
the Next story takes place on Earth 18 yrs before heir of mars. Asher and his girl friend are both trying to get out. Asher is going to go to Mars. Victoria wants to go to boonies and get away from all the computers and technolgy andthey cant convince eath other to  thier plans. Victoria gets into a bike accident.
The next story is one day before Heirs of Mars starts off.worker is fixing a windmill and finds a cloner and he and his friends try to beat him up or kill him.Which is Asher. the worker talks about life on mars and his family life.
the stories all tie together and go with Heirs of Mars the full novel. where everyone one is tring to survive,humans, clones and robots. It is a well rounded world he has created. I read it right through. I was given the ebook for free in exchange of honest review.s

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