Friday, July 15, 2011

Review: Book 1 Gamadin: Word of Honor

5 stars loved it.
I liked this book a lot. It has adventure,heros, aliens. It makes more sense now that I have read the first and fourth book. Fourth was good on its own but it would make a lot more sense right off.
It starts on a old ruin of planet. Archelogists have discovered that thier really was a gamadin not just a fable. They are attacked and the people rescuing them only 1 got away Sook with a map to where the Gamadin ship has been for thousands of years. Right off you can see how the good guys are willing to die to protect others. Then you also see how people can kill for power and money.
Sook landed in Rosewell and a drunk minor helps to rescue Sook. Thier are 4 teenagers who are going to see if they can help to the landing  the one has first aid experience. Our Miltary just shoots anyone.
Then you see the conquors of space know that gamadin are hiding its ship on Earth and they dont want to stop expanding and taking over planets and they know if the Gamadin rise again they could stop them.
Its a wild ride through showing how the teenagers meet up with Sook. How they had to keep promises and try and get the ship off Earth to save our planet the aliens followed and left Earth. I would recommend reading the series. I am going to buy the next ones

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