Thursday, July 17, 2014

Her Cowboy Hero by Tanya Michaels (The Colorado Cades #3)


He's Just The Hired Help…

What kind of cockeyed Pollyanna is Colin Cade working for? Her porch is rotting, her "guest cabin" is cheerless and her land and livestock have only a geriatric cowboy to care for them. Yet Hannah Shaw is positive she can turn her ranch into a successful B and B—and that Colin's the man to make it happen.

But Colin can't stick around. He lives with the loss of his family by avoiding the memories, and the way he feels around Hannah and her young son is like a knife to the heart. Trouble is, he's better at ignoring his own pain than someone else's, and bright, cheerful Hannah has a heart as haunted as his own. She deserves to be happy—but could she really be with him?

My review: Her Cowboy Hero by Tanya Michaels (The Colorado Cades #3)

4 stars

This is Colin's story. But if you have not read the first two books in the series don't worry it can stand alone. I missed reading the first one of the series too.

This one tugged at my heart strings. Both Colin and Hannah have suffered a lot of loss in their lives. Colin lost his wife and son in a accident two years ago. Hannah lost her husband and mother-in-law at the same time four years ago.

Colin could not stay at his home and job after he lost his family. So he left and is taking ranch jobs because hard work helps him to cope. Being around children is tough for him.

Hannah Shaw was raised in foster care. When she married she finally had a family. Then she lost her in-laws and husband. After she found out she was pregnant. Hannah decides to be positive for her son. The ranch she received is run down.

Colin agrees to work for Hannah for one month till his brother's wedding then he has another job.
Colin likes hard work. He helps fix up the ranch.

Their is lots of drama, emotions, a couple of love scenes and some humor it makes a nice romantic story.

I was given this ebook Her Cowboy Hero to read so I could give a honest review from Net Galley.

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