Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mercy by B.J. Daniels (Beartooth, Montana #5)

The hunt for a killer leads to a battle between justice and desire

For U.S. marshal Rourke Kincaid, there's the law…and then there's his law. When the two don't agree, he always trusts his instincts. A killing spree has gripped the Northwest, showing a strange connection that only he sees, and now the old rules of justice no longer apply. Forced to turn rogue, he goes deep undercover to track his mysterious female suspect to a quiet, unassuming café in the wild, isolated mountains of Beartooth, Montana.

But encountering Callie Westfield complicates his mission in ways he never expected. As suspicious as she seems, her fragile beauty and sexy charm get to Rourke. Then the gory crimes begin anew. With his heart suddenly at war with his instincts, he has only two options. Either turn Callie over to the law, or put everything—including his badge and his life—on the line to protect her.
Series: Hqn

Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Harlequin HQN (August 26, 2014)

My review: Mercy by B.J. Daniels (Beartooth, Montana #5)


I like the Beartooth Montana series, but the one story line that runs through the series always leave me wanting answers. The new story was good. I guessed a little bit of the twists but not all. I like Rourke and Callie and wanted things to work out for them. Lots of suspense, crazy stuff going on, action and romance.

U.S. Marshal Rourke Kincaid was on two week suspension to think about his job. He came to his ex-partner Laura to get her opinion.
When he is on a case he does not give up. He is all business. He is single.

Callie Westfield has major secrets in her life. She is a waitress in Beartooth Montana. She does not date or tell anyone her background.

Laura used to be a homicide detective in Seattle. Rourke was her partner. She misses being a cop. Laura can see that Rourke is drawn to Callie's picture. She is worried that Rourke could be throwing his career away by not giving up the cold case. She is working as a profiler for now. She loves Rourke but he has no idea.

Rourke found in a case file Callie's picture at three different crime scene pictures. He believes she is the key to a serial killer. He hires a P.I. to find out about her and locate her. He found her in Beartooth, Montana.

Rourke has just got to town and is already recognized by the Sheriff. He tells him he is working on his own. Rourke is attracted to Callie.

There is lots of secrets in the story and we find out most of the answers but still want to know the rest of the answers.

I was given this ebook to read and in return I agreed to give it a honest review of it.

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