Monday, January 25, 2016

The Royals of Monterra: Royal Quest by Rachel Branton

The Royals of Monterra: Royal Quest (Kindle Worlds Novella)Going undercover as a maid at the Lodge Royal in an attempt to meet her half sister, Katerina, isn’t one of Amelia Lennox’s best ideas. Kat has no idea of Amelia’s existence, and her recent marriage to Nico, the new King of Monterra, puts her further out of Amelia’s reach. Even if Amelia finds Kat, there’s no guarantee the queen will believe her—or that she wants a sister. 

To complicate matters, Amelia meets Davide Ciano, who steals her breath away and makes her knees weak. She’s never believed in the kind of fairy tale that her sister found, but then she’s never known anyone like Davide. Maybe, if their secrets don’t keep them apart, she might begin to believe. 

Royal Quest is the story of how two sisters find each other, and about love—true love. Because in Monterra, fairy tales do come true.
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  • Print Length: 93 pages
  • Publisher: Kindle Worlds; 1 edition (January 20, 2016)

My review: The Royals of Monterra: Royal Quest by Rachel Branton

4 stars

This is a kindle world  that is The Royals of Monterra from the book Royal Date by Sariah Wilson.

It is a novella. Only 93 pages.  Wish it were longer though it does a nice job.  it is romantic, funny and charming.

Amelia Lennox is working as a maid at the Lodge Royal.  She has found out that she has a half sister who now is Queen of Monterra.  Amelia has no other family.

Davide Ciano meets Amelia and is drawn to her right off.  He has had bad experiences with women just wanting him for his title or money so he is planning to hide that he is a rich duke from her at first.

I loved the scene with them all riding in the woods.  I admit I laughed a lot with them.  Also liked the ball scenes.

I would read more books from Rachel Branton in the future.

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