Sunday, August 14, 2016

Falling for the Single Dad by Lisa Carter

Finding Her Way Home
After fifteen years away, Dr. Caroline Duer is nervous about returning to her hometown. The veterinarian might be able to save stranded sea turtles, but she can't convince her dad of her good intentions. And when Caroline meets darling Izzie Clark, she encounters similar suspicion from the young girl's father. Former coast guard commander Weston Clark had his life upended by Izzie's mother. He won't go through the same pain again. But Izzie isn't the only one tumbling head over heels for the enigmatic Caroline. And if she can release the pain of the past, she just might be the missing piece Weston and his daughter have been searching for.
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My review: Falling for the Single Dad by Lisa Carter


How could this book not be a winner with Lighthouses, turtles , cute kid combination.  It also has romance, forgiveness, depression and God. Which brings love and hope.

Dr. Caroline Duer has not been home for 15 years.  She has panic attacks but she is ready to face her past.  She is a veterinarian for sea animals.  She has come to set up a rescue for turtles.

Caroline stops at the library and meets Izzie Clark who demands her attention and shows her love.

Weston Clark is making a  home out of the old lighthouse for him and his daughter to live in.  He even plans to get the old light to work again.

Caroline's sister welcome her home but her father is not so welcoming.

Izzy steals the book.  She is nine.  Her father is Weston.  She finds a sea turtle and really gets attached to it fast.

The Duer family has been in a couple of other books by Lisa Carter too.

I was given this ebook to read for free by NetGalley and Harlequin and in return I agreed to give a honest review of Falling for the Single Dad.

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