Monday, May 23, 2011

review Heart of a witch by alicia dean

Ravyn was kidnap in a parking garage by a serial killer called the tin man.  He tortures them before killing them in a broken cabin in the woods. Ravyn was drugged and is tied up naked on a gurney and has a burning knife seared on her stomach. All of a sudden her eyes go wierd and he feels his groin on fire. tin man screams and takes off in his car. some poachers come running and cut her loose and dial 911.  Ravyn tell the cops a little but is afraid her coven will find out she used her power to harm.
Nick is PI hired to find and stop the tin man he used to be a good cop but with his wife dead of 5 yrs he drinks a lot. He knows Ravyn has more information so he works undercover at her store.  they wind out working together to find and stop the tinman before he kills again.
the story keeps your attention and you dont want to stop until it is over with. I will look for more books of hers to read. recommend this book.

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