Sunday, May 22, 2011

review The House Eaters by Aaron Polson

Nick's family moves to a small outskirt of a small town. In fact only 3 house's sold in new division. Up the street is a big old house thats abandon.  Nick is starting his senior year the week after they move. His dad is one of his teachers. He has a crush on a girl named  Cat, who's on again off again takes to bullying Nick. Tabby his sister is a freshman and had a few health problems last year. His mother was laid off and drinks in the afternoon. Old weird guy and newly weds only people live in thier area.  Two guys are friendly to Nick and want him to go in old spooky house with them and one falls and hurts his leg in kitchen. Old spooky house is spoken about and Nick thinks he heres it talking to him. Tabby can read his mind sometimes now. a door apears in their house and disappears. its not a bad story. I was given the ebook in exchange for honest review.

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