Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Love In Plain Sight by Jeanie London

My Review Love In Plain Sight


This really shows how really nice people will go out of their way to make sure a kid is safe. It also shows that some people are more interested in their own lives over a 8 year old. Also shows the problems with all the records were lost during Katrina. There are a few love scenes that I did skip over.
The story tells two different stories lines till they meet up together. It does make you care about the characters. I wanted Courtney to find the missing child.
Courtney is a social worker. A case she has not had for long has come up that they don't think the child Courtney knows is the same one who came into the system over 8 years ago. The child was separated from her foster family at the time of Katrina and was sent to a different state for a few years till the family could get back into their house and out of a FENMA Trailer. They don't know where the switch was made. So two different girls were called Araceli.
Marc DiLeo is staying at his mother's house after a accident that makes it hard for him to climb stairs. He is still taking pain killers and going to physical therapy. He is finding himself not caring about anything.
Courtney goes early to family dinner to ask Marc for help about how she can try and find the child. Marc tells her to figure out when the switch was made but if it was right after she got in the system with Katrina happening she might have been lost for over 8 years and it did not look good.
Marc finds people who skip out on their bail. His family gets involved and tells him he should help her find the girl if possible. Even his brother the doctor. Marc decides to get out of the house and tells Courtney to come on. He needs a office and his regular pay plus he needs to be driven where ever he needs to go.
Courtney is off work while the FBI investigate the case to make sure she was not covering up anything and because the girl Araceli traveled across state lines. So Courtney agrees and shows Marc the guest house behind her house. It is small but all on the same floor unlike his mom's place. So he tells her that he will stay their to go get his computer and clothes for him while he reads the case files.
They go into a few different states trying to track down when and where Araceli disappeared. It does not help that the other Araceli took off when they started to ask questions. It is interesting to see them piece the trail off Araceli to discover what had happened.
I would read another book by Jeanie London in the future.

I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it by Netgalley.
publication: September 3rd 2013 by Harlequin Super Romance 384 pages ISBN: 0373607970

Description below taken off of Goodreads.

Right in front of her eyes… Former bounty hunter Marc DiLeo is not the guy social worker Courtney Gerard wants helping her. But finding a kid who's been missing for a long time takes priority over her personal preferences. And if anyone can locate the child, Marc can—even with his injury. So she'll overlook his attitude.

As they follow cold leads together, Courtney glimpses beneath his tough exterior to something surprising—caring, compassion…vulnerability. That softer side proves more irresistible than his good looks. An unexpected—and unexpectedly intense—attraction flares between them, making her wonder why she never saw this before. Suddenly the man she was determined to avoid is the only man she wants close!

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