Friday, May 30, 2014

Guilt Free by Karen John Blog tour

About the book:Guilt Free: Using Remorse to Escape the Adversary's Tool

“Men are that they might have joy—not guilt trips” (Elder Russell M. Nelson). Guilt is a debilitating, forceful emotion with power to slow or stop our progression. We all feel guilt at some level, but Karen John, LCSW, explains how you can use remorse to access the Atonement and heal from unresolved guilt and pain.

About the author:

Karen W. John earned a Masters Degree in Social Work at Walla Walla College and is currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has years of counseling experience including, but not limited to, individuals, marriage and family, and all forms of addiction. She has taught Social Work classes part-time at BYU-I and speaks often at the university and at ward and stake functions. She currently resides in the Rexburg, Idaho area.

My Review: Guilt Free: Using Remorse to Escape the Adversary's Tool


I think this book was written for me. It reminds you of eternal truths that we can be made whole through Christ's Atonement. That guilt is Satan's tool and not Christ's tool. His is remorse.

We are not perfect but we need to keep trying. I like his example of a toddler learning to walk. The toddler might fall a lot but keeps getting up and trying again and again. Only one person was perfect in this life.

We need to forgive others but we don't have to keep or accept abuse from anyone.

We need to also forgive are self. We need to talk better to ourselves and stop beating yourself up.

This is a book I think would be smart to read often. It is not a simple process to change yourself but we can if we will turn things over to Christ. We will keep making mistakes, hopefully they will be different ones.

Karen uses scripture, personal examples and quotes from leaders to teach these truths in a way that is easy to understand and follow.

I learned or relearned a lot reading Guilt Free by Karen John

I was given this ebook and asked to give honest review of it and be part of its blog tour.

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