Friday, May 9, 2014

The Murder Pit by Jeff Shelby (A Moose River Mystery)

Daisy Savage finally has everything she wants. A new husband. A bunch of kids. A charming old house.

What she doesn't want is a dead body.

When a frozen pipe in the basement of her century-old home leads her and her husband downstairs into a newly discovered crawl space, they find a coal chute they didn't know they had. And a corpse inside of it.
Things become complicated when Daisy realizes she knew the victim. And things get even worse when it becomes increasingly clear that the body was placed there to make Daisy look like the killer.

Against her husband's advice and her own common sense, Daisy makes it her mission to prove to the denizens of Moose River that she is innocent. But doing so may be more dangerous than she planned.
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The Murder Pit is the first in a new series by national bestselling mystery writer Jeff Shelby.

My Review:The Murder Pit by Jeff Shelby (A Moose River Mystery)


The Murder Pit is a cozy mystery that is not so cozy. In fact it is so cold below freezing that their pipes get frozen. When they crawl up to try and unfreeze the pipes they find a dead body in their coal chute.

The setting is Moose River, MN. A small town setting in winter.

Daisy Savage is the main character. She has three kids of her own, and a stepdaughter. Jake is her new husband. Daisy knew the dead guy that they found.

In their small town everyone soon knew that she had dated the deceased man they found in their house and soon everyone thought she was the murder. It effected their whole family so much that Daisy decided to try and find out who might of wanted to kill him and frame her.

At first I thought wow how everyone wants to keep their children away from her. Then I decided that I would keep my kids away to error on the safe side.

Their old house needs a lot of work. I can see how it would having a house too over a 100 years old with its own coal chute and frozen pipes too.

I did guess who the killer was fairly early. I was not sure on the guess and had no idea of why he was murdered or why he was put in there home.

One question I have about the dead body is wouldn't they have noticed a rotting smell? Or because it was so cold their was no smell? The rest of the story makes perfect sense.

I liked the Savage family and would enjoy reading more about these characters in future stories like Last Resort the next Moose River Mystery.

I was given this ebook to read and asked in return to give honest review of it by Net Galley and Indie Inked.

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