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Bewildered Bridegroom by Sara Barton (Scarlet Wilson Mystery Book 4)

When innkeeper Scarlet Wilson is asked to host Annalee Pinault and Gunnar Magnusdotter’s nuptials at the Four Acorns Inn, she never expects it to start a war of matrimonial madness. As tensions and tempers rise, one thing becomes clear -- someone's willing to do just about anything to prevent Scarlet Wilson from hosting weddings at the Four Acorns Inn. Does that include kidnapping the bride?
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  • About Sara M. Barton
    Sara M. Barton is the author of several fast-paced mystery and thriller series featuring lively characters, including the feisty, funny innkeeper and amateur sleuth, "Miz Scarlet"; the gutsy, good-hearted Deputy Gabby Grimm; artist/decorator Sydney Stansfield (wife of FBI gent Henry Hartman), and the former "Marigold Flowers", event planner, whose life in the WitSec program was anything but ordinary.

    The author's passion for writing fiction comes through each tale. "There is nothing sweeter than sticking characters in the hot seat and making them find their way out of the darkness. I'm fascinated by human behavior and I love to see characters grow as they go through tough times. Life is never fair, but I believe in heroes, those people who don't take no for an answer, who put the greater good ahead of 'me, me, me'. But most of all, I enjoy a good story, seasoned with action, memorable characters, unpredictable behavior, and a monkey wrench big enough to jam up the best laid plans. It's the perfect human storm."

    My  review: Bewildered Bridegroom  by Sara Barton   (Scarlet Wilson Mystery Book 4)

    4 STARS

    I like Scarlet and her brother Bur.  They are always teasing, arguing just like brothers and sisters to growing up. They have nicknames taken from clue. As does there friend from childhood and Scarlet's boyfriend Kenny.  They are very witty, and bring smiles and laughter.

    There is plenty of mystery, action, drama, family and cast of characters that you come to care about. It has lot of heart, caring for those around them.  It has a lot of slapstick  type almost humor abound it.  It is also a clean read.

    This book can stand alone but is better if you have read the Scarlet Wilson mysteries in the right order because a lot of the characters are in the other stories.

    I also had to laugh about the reading choices of books the characters were reading.  If you are a fan of Sara Barton you might recognize the books too.

    This is a fun cozy mystery.  I was right in guessing who was behind everything that was going on in the Four Acorns Inn.  There was action every time you thought that they stopped the persons who were harassing them, spying on them and breaking into the Inn.

    All the food they talked about made me want to eat it too.

    I like reading Sara Barton Mysteries and will continue to read her books and I hope to see more of Miz Scarlet in the future.

    I was given this ebook by Sara Barton to read but was having trouble loading it on my kindle so I just went and bought it from Amazon because I did want to read it last night and not on my computer.
    This is my own opinion of Bewildered Bridegroom. 

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