Monday, March 2, 2015

Blog tour: ‘Sharing the Gospel Through Social Media’by Erin Ann McBride

About the book:
Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ has never been easier. This book was written to help bishops, ward mission leaders, stake presidents, stake public affairs directors, mission presidents, and every day member missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, learn to navigate and appreciate the potential of social media in their missionary efforts. Explanations, ideas, and strategies are provided on how to incorporate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other networks into Mormon missionary efforts. This ebook makes it easy for even social media beginners to effectively share the gospel online.

About the author:
Erin Ann McBride is the author of Sharing the Gospel through Social Media, Increase E-Book Sales with Social Media Marketing, and the novels, You Heard It Here First, This Just In!, and Beyond Perfection. She is also a columnist for LDS-oriented Meridian Magazine. She is a full-time social media marketing consultant and writer. She graduated from George Mason University in Communications. She lives in the suburbs of Washington, DC.

My review: Sharing the Gospel Through Social Media’by Erin Ann McBride


I liked reading this book on two different levels. The first was a good way to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and things not to do.  The second it also helped me learn more about Social Media for small business. Like for my blog which is not a business but can help me reach more people.

Some of it is over my head. The second part of the book I got smarter and opened my computer  as I read the book so I looked at things I had questions about and learned more.  Now I want to go back and do that to first half of the book.  So if you don't know what they are talking about to understand try it.

This has a lot of resources of different links for LDS Leaders,  Facebook, Twitter and others.
It tells you how to use different social media and why you might want to use one over the other. Even explained some of the different ones that I have only heard the names.

I found this to be helpful in many ways.  I know I am going to like and share more in the future. I am glad I got to read and learn about Sharing the Gospel Through Social Media by Erin Ann McBride.

I was given this ebook by Cedar Fort Publishing.  So I can give a honest review of Sharing
the Gospel  Through Social Media and be part of it's blog tour.

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