Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Hope Springs Christmas by Patricia Davis


A Hope Springs Christmas is a second chance at love for widow Sarah Wyse.
Sarah has faced a lot of losses in her life around the holidays. She has kept busy with
her job at a fabric place. This year she does not have a job. Her boss is closing the store for winter to go and take care of family.
Sarah is busy making a list of things she can do so she does not dwell too much on the past. Her neighbor Grace comes over to talk after a fight with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend wants to marry her but Grace is worried about her brothers getting along without her.
Grace decides to go away and spend time at her grandparents the next morning. She tells her brother that Sarah will help out while she is gone. Grace also asked Sarah to help her big brother find a wife. If he marrys she can get married.
Levi Beachy is very shy he hardly talks to people, He thinks people are always laughing at him. Is best friend was Sarah's husband Jonas. Levi made a promise to watch over his wife for him. Levi has waited years for her to remarry before leaving to move out west. He has raised his sister Grace and his twin brothers since they were little after his parents died. The twins are wild and get into trouble a lot.
Sarah tries to match make for Levi but it is hard when he won't talk to anyone. She keeps making excuses to bring women around his shop.
When Levi figures out she has been match making for him he decides that two can play that game and lets a lot of men know that Sarah is willing now to date.
Thier is a lot of laughter, some sad times and good times before things come to the end. Thier is some drama and practacal jokes that go too far. It is a nice Christmas story in all.
This is the seventh book in the Brides of Amish Country series by Patricia Davis. It is a clean read.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.
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