Thursday, November 15, 2012

Crazy Horse's Vision by Joseph Bruchac


I recieved Crazy Horse's Vision in the mail today. I decided to quit what I was doing and read the book. The cover was drawing me in. I love the illustrations by S.D. Nelson. But was confused why the indians were different colors and the faces were different. In the back of the book S.D. Nelson explained his paintings and why the different colors and It brought a whole new point of the story.
The book is a short so you could read it than read what the author and artist share about the book. Then reread the book and have a fuller story.
All I really new about Crazy Horse was that he was a Indian leader when Custer died. This book shows a little bit more of Crazy Horse and how he got his name.
It is too bad that people's words and treaties were easy to be broken.
I would love to keep this book but I think many others would like it too.
I won this book from Lee & Low Books.

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