Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Magic Quirt by L. Ron Hubbard audio

This is my first audio book review. I have listened to kindle books but that was just the text to speach feature.
The audio cd has different voices and some sound effects. It got my dog to start barking with it.
I like the stories, also like that I can do other things while listening. But if I need to go back and check on something I might have lost is harder that a book to flip back to or kindle text to speach feature.
I think these would be great for car trips if you have a cd player.
the Magic Quirt
Old Laramie a cook is in the right place to save a family and was given a Magic Quirt that would make him be a big man.
Old Laramie thinks he now is invisncible and takes risks.
also include is two other stories VENGEANCE IS MINE! and STACKED BULLETS on two cds.
If my dog would stop barking with cd I would be better to follow along.
I was given this audio book to read in exchange of honest review from Librarything.
I like L. Ron Hubbard stories and hope to read more of his work.
also like the music in the cd.
Publisher: Galaxy Press (October 22, 2012) 156 pages

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