Sunday, November 18, 2012

Unforgiven by B.J. Daniels


I was kept guessing right until the end. Unforgiven is a whodunit that happened 11 years ago. Everyone thought they knew who killed Ginny West.
Destry Grant has stayed on the family ranch helping her father run it since he was in a plane accident and now in a wheelchair. Destry is not close to her father, he always sees his late wife when he looks at her.
11 years ago when Ginny was murdered Destry had been making love in secret with Rylan West. She always felt guilty about that.
Rylan West has come back home to work on his family ranch after years away rodeo riding. He wanted to get justice for his sister and believed Carson Grant killed her.
Destry did not believe her brother was guilty of killing anybody let alone his girl friend Ginny. Destry and Rylan could not be together when they both had so very difference about Carson. Rylan threatened him when he tried to come to the funeral.
Carson's father told him to leave the area 11 years ago. Now WT wants Carson home.
WT has a lot of clout in the area especially the sheriff.
Thier has been found new evidence and the state DA has made it clear that Carson Grant return to his hometown or a warrent will be issued right away.
Carson came home is a sports car with his fiance. Carson wants his father to give him enough money to leave the country. His fiance is a showgirl from Las Vegas where he lived and worked.
WT wants Carson to stay home and run the ranch. He has no doubt that nothing will happen to his son. But he wants Carson's girlfriend to go away. WT wants Carson to inhierted the ranch when he is gone.
Carson owes a lot of money and plans to sell the ranch when he owns it someday.
Rylan hears that Carson is home and he heads out to make him pay and runs into
Destry on his way to the ranch. He still has feelings for her after all these years.
Someone is watching Destry sneaking up to the old cabin she is living in. Destry thinks she can take care of herself.
Thier was plenty of drama, suspenseful and romance.
Destry is a very strong character, she works hard, Loves and trusts both her brother and Rylan. Willing to risk her life to protect others.
I like reading B.J. Daniels book and will read more I am sure in the future.
I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest reviews from Netgalley.
11/27/2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint HarlequinHQN 352 pages

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