Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Small Case of Murder by Lauren Carr


I enjoyed reading a Small Case of Murder. It was full of murders and sucides over a long period of time. I wondered if I would like it as well as Lauren's later books.
Yes I liked her later books best but while saying that I did like this book.
I had a hard time putting this book down once I started it.
Thier are a lot of characters in this story. I especially liked meeting Joshua Thornton and his family.
Joshua moved his family after his wife's death back to his hometown of Chester, West Virginia. Joshua left JAG because he now was a single parent to his 5 children. He plans to open up his own law practice. Joshua bought a old building that the town doctor owned and it came with a lot of books and patients files.
His cousin Tad was the town doctor now and was interested in the records and asked for them.
During the move Joshua found a letter written from his parents friend Lulu that had died on the same day as his parents had. The letter was never opened till now.
It talked about the dead body the four of them found on thier prom night that disappeared before they could get back with the Sheriff to show him. The sheriff did not believe them.
Joshua and his family were interested that his parents found a dead body and did not know who it was. Lulu's letter mentioned that she saw the dead guy in a picture of
Reverend Rawling,Sheriff DeLaney and some other guys in army uniforms. She asked Reverend about the picture.
Lulu died of a drug overdose the same day she mailed the letter also the same day Joshua lost his parents.
Thier are a lot of murders that happened in the past and again now that have not been solved. Everyone knows who the leader of drugs in the area but no proof. Joshua quiet life that he moved back for doesn't last for long even in church.
I like all the plot twists and turns that kept me from putting the book down till i finshed reading it.
I was given this ebook to read from Lauren and in exchange to write a honest review of it.
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 26, 2011) 324 pages.

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