Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Memory Jar by Tricia Goyer


OH BOY! I cried and cried in different parts of the book. Some were happy tears,some sad and some not sure why but this book has really touched me.
The characters are so vivid. I like how we all are so connected to each other. This book has a lot in it. lots of drama, sweet memories that they flash back to.
It starts in Montana a small city. Sarah Shelter's family has just moved thier and she had wondered too far away into the woods when she hears rustling in the bushes thinking it might be a bear when Patty shows up. Patty is her age and they become good friends. They are so close and Patty is often telling Sarah she should sell her coupcakes. Patty looks on things with a different view.
One day they are at the Lake when Patty drowns and Sarah changes and closes off part of herself.
Sarah works at a bakery in town for Annie who is english. She wonders if she will ever get married.
Jathan Schrook is from Ohio. Lots of Amish come out for 6 months and then go hunting before going back to lives and girl friends. Jathan is trying to decide what he wants to do in the future. Is father and older brother all have plans for Jathan but he does not want what they want for him to do.
Jathan and his friend ask Sarah and others to hike up this mountain one day. Sarah' brothers have done it even her father has climbed it. So they all go for the hike. On the way up Sarah sprains her ankle and goes as far as she can. Then she tells the others to go on it wasn't that far away and she will be waiting thier. Jathan wants to stay with her but is talked into going up the rest of the way.
At the top is a old cabin that is covered with names on it. So they decide to do that. It took them longer to get to the top than they thought and then realized that have gone a long time. So they hurry down the path to find Sarah after aways into the hike they realize they must have taken a different trail down. The others can see the lake that they need to get to and decide they will continue down. if Sarah is at the lake than all is well if not they will go down and meet thier ride and get help.
Jathan decides to go back up to the top and than down thier oringal trail and look for Sarah that way.
Sarah after a hour or so decides to try and go down. She has seen the storm clouds and knows she will be a lot slower than the others. She sees a trail that is easier than the rock slide they climbed over and she marks the way she goes with a arrow of rocks.
She goes as far as she can than decides to sit on a log and wait. Sarah calls out a lot than decides to sing. Jathan finds her but they cant get down in the darkness and builds a fire. Everyone had empty thier backpacks and gave him anything they had left.
During the night Sarah got close to Jathan and really got to notice him that day. Jathan as been wanting to get closer to her for weeks. Early the next day he carries Sarah down and they make it to the search and rescue before they can get started.
Jathan asks to court Sarah and then things fall apart for Jathan.
I really like this book thier is so much more to this story of trying to find the path for the future that God wants them on. To respect the old ways and new ways together.
I hated to put this book down so get your tissues before you start.
I was given this book to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.
November 01, 2012 PUB Zondervan

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