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Blog Tour Death’s Academy by Michael Bast

The Death's Academy entrance exam for Midnight Smith is quickly approaching. There's just one problem: Midnight is the worst exam taker the academy has ever seen. If Midnight wants to ever step foot inside the school, he'll have to join forces with the hated Guardian Angels, and together face the deadliest creatures in the world--the dreaded Unicorns. Becoming a Grim Reaper has never been more hilarious!

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Sweetwater Books (January 14, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 146211380X

My Review: Death’s Academy by Michael Bast


Death's Academy is a fun adventure series. It takes a different look at life and death, heroes and hoodies. I am just a shorty and I bet you are too. The youth have their own game using a skull. (I never want to play that game) Their are bad guys which are Unicorns. Very fresh ideas.

The plot is Midnight Smith wants to get in Death's Academy. His family can't afford to get him a mentor. His family name is made fun of but he does not know why. He plays pretty good on his team. He does not to well on tests. So he tries to practice on a chipmunk that he thinks his time is up and gets caught. Then he gets into more and more trouble. When he sees a unicorn no one believes him.

The Characters are Hoodies which escort those whose time is up. They have Academy to learn in and if you don't do well or not get in your future looks grim. Their foes and counterparts are Halos.
Halos are Guardian Angels who help shorty's. They fight against the Hoodies.
Shorty's are humans and other creatures who live and die.
Unicorns. Their was a major war long ago and they are all thought to be extinct now or are they really.

I think fans of Harry Potters, Ranger Apprentice will like Death's Academy too. It is kids saving the day and each other because no one else can. If they can't stop the bad guys their parents and most adults wont be able to get back.

It is a good clean fun imagination adventure that the whole family can enjoy.

I was given this ebook to read for purpose of reviewing and being part of it's blog tour.

Meet the Author:

Unlike Mowgli from the Jungle Book, MICHAEL BAST was not raised by a den of wolves… it was a mob of meerkats. This has proven to be both problematic and beneficial later in life. A problem because he has an insatiable desire to tunnel in his backyard, costing him thousands of dollars in sprinkler repair. A benefit because he can scratch behind both ears with either foot.

Michael lives in the deserts of Arizona with his wife and four kids. Each day between Cinco de Mayo and Halloween he curses his decision to live in 110-degree heat.

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