Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hill Country Cattleman by Laurie Kingery

Simpson Creek, Texas—July 7, 1868 is the setting. Brides of Simpson creek book 6. This is the only of the series I have read and would love to go back and read them. I look forward to reading more from Laurie in the future.

Hill Country Cattleman is a cute old fashion western romance. It has a innocent Violet being escorted by her older brother to Texas where a different brother and his wife live.

Violet loves a older man Gerald the Earl of Lullington and was going to elope with him when her brother Edward, Viscount Greyshaw stopped her. Gerald was wanting to marry for her dowry. Violet does not believe her fiancé will forget her. She plans to use this time to write a western romance, till she is allowed to return back home to England.

When Edward and Violet finally get to Simpson Creek they found themselves stuck their and was not sure how to get them and all their trunks to the ranch. Violet sees a cowboy about to enter a store and asked him for help getting to the ranch.

Raleigh was going into a store to buy a new shirt than planned to get a bath and haircut when Violet stopped him. Raleigh had just gone on a trail ride and her brother was their too. He worked on the ranch next door to Nicholas's ranch. He would be glad to escort them and make arrangements so they can load all the luggage.

Edward and Violet went into the restaurant and was having a meal. The waitress Ella overheard them talking and thought she was a snob.
She was also jealous and over the next few days she tried to stir others to ignore Violet.

Raleigh was attracted to the beautiful Violet and he realized that one of his own two horses would be perfect for her to ride while she was visiting.

Violet thought Raleigh would make a good hero in her book and wanted to spend time asking him questions to help her. Violet told Raleigh that she was in love with a man back home in England.

Raleigh only owned two horses. He was forman but lived in the bunkhouse. He had just turned to God after he was saved with a miracle on the trail drive. He dreamed someday to have his own ranch.

Of course this is still wild country so you have a another rancher that wants to marry Violet one way or another. He wants her social connections and her money. Some drama, action, horse racing. It is a fun uplifting book.

I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it when I was through by Netgalley.
05/07/2013 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Love Inspired Historical 288 pages ISBN-10: 0373829655

Description below taken off of Netgalley.

A Match Made In Texas
To escape a scandal in England, Violet Brookfield is sent to her brother's ranch in Texas. Soon she discovers that the vibrant new world and rugged trail boss Raleigh Masterson are perfect material for the Western she's writing. And when her time is up, she'll return to the nobleman she left behind.

Violet is the most elegant female ever to set foot in Simpson Creek, and Raleigh is sure she'll never stay. He has no business falling for the beautiful aristocrat. But soon Violet makes a place for herself in the Hill Country-and in his heart. Now if only he can convince her that she belongs there forever....

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