Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Emerald Ring (Cleopatra's Legacy) by Dorine White


The Emerald Ring is the first book in Cleopatra's Legacy. It is a paranormal, fantasy, action book. I thought it
was a fresh idea. I would read the next book if one comes in this series.

Sara found a emerald ring in her grandmother's attic and put it on. It shocked her. She tried to get it off and she could not get it off. It was on pretty tight. Sara's grandmother tried butter, cold water but still could not get it off.

That night Sara had nightmares that seemed real to her and she slept with the light on the rest of the night. Sara started middle school. Her first day was interesting. She got to take the new kid around. His name is Kainu Nehru from Nigeria, Africa.
Then in her first period she thought the girl behind her was talking to her and called her name. Sara reacted and got sent to Principle office.

Heidi is Sara's best friend. Her house got broke into during the day and was searched. Heidi and her mom got to spend the night at Sara's house because her father was out of town. Sara told her of the voice she heard and other things she noticed. Heidi had a hard time believing her. So they did a experiment and proved that now Sara could smell really good and identify items just by smell. Sara could also hear animals speaking sometimes.

Then things got weirder and Sara ended up in the hospital with a high fever. They could not figure out what was going on with her but Sara figured it out. She had a new power that would shock anyone if it happened to them.

Their new friend told them about what brought him to their town. He was after a thief who stole something from his family that had been with the tribe for years. He overheard them say where they were going and that they were after a emerald ring. Kainu told them he guessed it might be the ring that Sara wore.

The Emerald ring was Cleopatra's. The emerald was part of a necklace with other stones that had powers. The thief was part of a group that has been searching for the stones. Kainu's father had one of the stones. He is now in a coma after the thief surprised him and hit him in the head. Now Sara could be in danger.

This is aimed at Middle school age. I liked it even though I am way older than that by a few decades. It is a very entertaining story. Lots of action and a little bit of history.

I was given this ebook to read and asked to give a honest review of it when I finished by Netgalley.

Expected publication: May 14th 2013 by Cedar Fort, Inc. 192 pages ISBN 1462111335


Ordinary tween life turns upside down when Ancient Egypt intrudes on modern middle school life. Twelve year old Sara Guadalupe Bogus reads about adventures, but unexpectedly is drawn into one when a mystical emerald ring that once belonged to Cleopatra becomes stuck on her finger.
A series of burglaries spook Sara’s small Ohio hometown. Concluding that the root of all the crimes is the emerald ring, Sara realizes it’s up to her and her friends, Heidi and African exchange student Kainu, to save the town and protect Cleopatra’s legacy. Filled with magic, the ring thrusts Sara into a world filled with nightmares, allows her to shape shift into an Egyptian cat and battle assassins.

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