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Miz Scarlet and the Imposing Imposter (A Scarlet Wilson Mystery) by Sara M. Barton


I do like the characters and how they play off each other. I like that the older ladies still find new friends and sometimes know more about what is going on around them. I like also the play on names from Clue had to laugh at a scene in the end of the book. This is also a clean read.

I can see how this would be a could setup for more mysteries that could come up at their inn in the future. How Scarlet and Bur could have issues trusting in future stories.

Miz Scarlet and the Imposing Imposter (A Scarlet Wilson Mystery) is a complicated mystery. Miz Scarlet is a feisty character and a hard worker. She was a teacher but quit working to be a full time caretaker of her mother. Then their family money was lost in a Ponzi scam. Scarlet did not let that stop her. She has had bad luck with her dating life but she keeps trying.

Scarlet lives in her family mansion and she turned it into a inn for special needs. She lives in the attic room. Her mom and cousin Lacey. She has started helping out her mom's friends who need care after hospital or during cancer treatment and it evolved into a business. Her brother lives over the garage and is on hand to help.

Scarlet is a good cook and takes good care of her guests, even when they bug her. For some reason she does not like one of her guests right now and notices some things that don't add up.

A family that was working from home disappeared in the middle of the night. When Scarlet was walking her dogs she found a threatening note with a knife in it warning somebody off. Scarlet and her brother Bur followed the footprints right to the missing family's home. Where a guy with a gun told them to go away.

Bur decided that they should call a old buddy Kenny who is in security to come to town as a guest to help solving the mysteries. Before Kenny meets with Scarlet to hear all the fishy details of what is going on. Scarlet finds a body up in the woods where she is to meet Kenny.

Scarlet had a crush on Bur's friend Kenny growing up. She had no idea that Kenny had liked her too. Now he is back in her life as a widower. Who knows what might happen in the future.

I was let know that this book was out and free on amazon today and so I got it and like it. I have enjoyed reading it.
Publisher: Sara M. Barton (May 25, 2013) File Size: 389 KB

Description below taken off of Amazon.

When the Wilson family is hit with a financial Ponzi-style fraud, losing everything but the old family manse, they get creative and turn their home into a small inn. The Four Acorns Inn sounds like a good idea, except for one thing -- someone is out to ruin them anyway possible, and that includes murder.

As if that's not bad enough, Scarlet Wilson's love life keeps tanking, no matter what she does. Pretty sad when the elderly ladies have a better romantic life than the forty-something innkeeper. Is she cursed when it comes to men, or is there something more sinister going on?

Better known as "Miz Scarlet", the feisty former teacher finds she's up to her eyeballs in questions when someone posts a threat in the garden. Who's in danger and why? What does it have to do with the Jordan family, who disappeared without a trace? When Miz Scarlet comes across items belonging to the Jordan children, her fears are only heightened.

Enter Kenny Tolliver ("Captain Peacock"), the still-handsome hunk who captured Miz Scarlet's heart all those years ago in high school. Widowed, retired as Assistant Director of Public Safety at Princeton University, now working for Mercer Security, "Captain Peacock" has all kind of tricks up his sleeve. Good thing, because two guests of the Four Acorns Inn have been murdered and no one knows who's next.

What can possibly come between "Miz Scarlet" and "Captain Peacock"? How about the constant interference of "Colonel Grey Poupon", Scarlet's annoying, twice-married brother? Even as Bur Wilson slides into fifty, the old sibling rivalry lives. As brother and sister vie for Kenny's attention, things spiral out of control, further endangering them. Just how involved was Bur with one of the now-dead guests?

When the challenges seem insurmountable, the trio puts differences aside to find the motive for the series of bizarre attacks on the family. Secrets can be buried deep, and it's not always easy to dig them up, even as the guests are dropping like flies. Is there a killer inside the Four Acorns Inn? It's up to Miz Scarlet, Captain Peacock, and Colonel Grey Poupon to solve the clues before someone else winds up deader than a doornail.

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