Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Missing Barbados (CDC Detective Mysteries) (Volume 1) by Willem Pain


Missing Barbados is a violent, slapstick, action P.I. story. Susan "Ice" Berg starts the story with throwing men off her building.
It was also caught on video so when she was asked to take a case in Barbados she was glad to get out of town. One of the P.I.s Dutch
she has working with is in jail on the island.

Dutch had freed some prostitutes who did not want to be their by taking out two walls in a cat house. It was full of judges on convention and the owner of the cat house was the police chief. After Dutch is bailed out he agrees to help on this case with his friend Crane.

Dutch and Ice remind me of the shoot first ask questions type of characters. A little like A Team, Dirty Harry, and Stephanie Plum where everything gets destroyed around them.

Ice's case is to find Lady Melody who is 17 has been kidnapped. Her father is getting ready to display some family treasures. They have a little bit of a hard time finding clues. At the same time Dutch agrees to take on a case to find a historic gold sword.

The story line is good, the characters were a little hard for me to connect to and I don't know why. Their is plenty of action in the story, with gun fights, helicopter, boats, houses being blown up, drug dealers and you are not sure till the end who the good guys and bad guys are.

I was given this book to read and asked to give honest review of it when finished.
03/16/2013 Pub. KDP Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) Members' Titles 246 pages ISBN-10: 1482745208

Description below is taken off of Netgalley.

Mystery, Adventure and Humor:

Susan “Ice” Berg, the “shoot first” owner of the Caribbean Detective Agency, finds herself in another awkward situation with her soon to be ex-boyfriend. She is temporarily saved from facing humiliation by taking on the case of a beautiful missing teenager of British royalty in Barbados.

Due to circumstances, Susan gets stuck with her raucous detective employee, Richard “Dutch” Holland, to assist on the case. Susan doesn’t quite appreciate Dutch’s gung-ho style, so together they are like oil and water, making unraveling the disappearance of the missing teenage royal even more of a challenge as well as an adventure.

Based on an actual event from Barbados history, our woman sleuth and hard-boiled detective take us through the past and present of Barbados where nothing is as it seems. While trying to find the missing girl, Dutch and Susan are hired to find a golden sword, a real relic of history, the actual historical record transcribed in the preface of this book. Entwined within the history of the golden sword and its place in royalty, together they must overcome villains and their own feelings toward each other to right a centuries old wrong and solve the crime.

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