Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Princess in the Iron Mask by Victoria Parker


I was hoping for a little bit more interaction between her family. The plot was good but I wanted to know about Lucas and his past. I guess I wanted more depth and less sex and thoughts of it.

Claudine a scientist was hoping to get more funding for her research. She felt she was close to a cure. So others who had her condition as children won't suffer as much as she did.

As a child she was sent away from her family to London hospital and raised their. Now her parents remember her and want her to come home. Claudine has no wish to go back and be hurt again.

Lucas was asked by the King to bring his daughter back home. Lucas thinks she is spoiled and should come back and do her duty. He will do anything to do his own duty. Even if the beautiful Princess doesn't want to do hers. Lucas makes a deal with her. If she will spend three weeks in her own country she will get her funding for her research.

Both have to look back and face their own issues with the past before they can move forward.

I felt sorry for Claudine and my heart hurt for her and I want her to be happy.
I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest opinion of it by Netgalley.
Publication Date: May 21, 2013 | Series: Harlequin Presents (Book 3152)192 page ISBN-10: 0373131585

Description below taken off of Amazon.

Dispatched by the king to retrieve his headstrong, errant daughter, Lucas Garcia thought this was just another day at the office. That's before he meets Princess Claudine Verbault, who's adamant that returning to the kingdom that banished her as a child is never going to happen.

A barely concealed attraction!

Hidden from the spotlight, the now-independent Claudia has learned the art of being the anti-perfect princess. But Lucas does not look like the kind of man to accept insubordination! If only she could bargain with this frustratingly immovable man...and give him something to distract him from his duty!

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