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A Maverick under the Mistletoe by Brenda Harlen

Description A Maverick under the Mistletoe by Brenda Harlen

Award-winning author Brenda Harlen returns to Rust Creek Falls for a holiday homecoming to remember in the newest installment of Montana Mavericks: Rust Creek Cowboys!


Readers, can you believe it? Sutter Traub is back in town! It's been five years since that handsome wrangler took off for Seattle, but no one 'round here has forgotten. Especially not Paige Dalton, the devoted schoolteacher everyone thought he was going to marry….

Rumors abound. No one is quite sure what has brought Sutter home after all this time—or whether he is deserving of a second chance. But we are betting there's a certain brown-eyed beauty with a special request on her Christmas list. Maybe the power of her forgiveness will bring the mighty maverick home for the holidays—and for good!

My Review:A Maverick under the Mistletoe by Brenda Harlen


Finally we find out who the new mayor is. I have been waiting a few months to find out.
Sutter Traub has come home when he heard about the flood of Rust Creek. He left behind his family and girl when he left. I can see why Sutter thought he should go after what his mom told him.

Paige Dalton stood up for Sutter and his brother when the debate was over and a stunt was pulled to keep a Traub from being Mayor. Paige has been teaching her class in her front room since the flood.

I like the Characters of Rust Creek. Paige and Sutter have a lot of history together and both got hurt when they broke up. Paige would not leave with Sutter. Sutter felt he could not stay.
Sutter did not want his brother Forrest to do another tour in the military. He thought one tour was enough. It tore his family and town apart.

Sutter now has a business in Seattle Washington area. He has never forgotten Paige. He wants to try again now that he still sees that he cares for her. The same problems are their. Paige does not want to live in another state. Sutter's business his in Washington. They both have tried to find others to help them forget.

Sutter has to face a lot of anger from people. He stood up for what he believed. Now he is trying to mend fences where they need to. It is hard to ask forgiveness and receive it.

It is nice to see old friends from other books and catch up on how Russ Creek is getting back after the flood.
Mostly character driven dealing with the past and building on for the future. Their is some love scenes that I skipped over. was a quick read.

I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of by Netgalley and Harlequin.
Publisher: Harlequin (October 22, 2013) Harlequin Special Edition (Book 2293)224 pages ISBN-10: 0373657757

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