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Egypt Rising by Stan Schatt Blog Tour Review & Giveaway $25 Amazon gift code or Paypal cash

Egypt Rising

Some ancient secrets should remain buried.

An American teenager in Cairo finds herself in the middle of the Egyptian revolution fleeing militant Islamic extremists. She leads her worst enemy and the boy she thinks about much too often on the adventure of a lifetime. When she discovers an ancient artifact that was buried for thousands of years, she learns that very powerful people will stop at nothing, including murder, to learn the secrets of a long-dead civilization.

My Review: Egypt Rising


Egypt Rising is a thrilling adventure aimed YA books. It is a blend of ancient Egypt, current troubles, fantasy of Atlantis and their powers and knowledge, combined with high school issues and clicks. I did not want to put the book down. It is also a clean book, with some violence in it.

This book took some twists in it. I did not see them coming. It is the first book that I have read of Stan Schatt but am going to look for more from him.

It makes you want to look more into history and discover things. Olivia has gone on digs all her life with her father. She has learned how to read ancient Egypt. Lots of other things her father has taught her. She hopes to be a Egypt archeologist too some day.

Olivia goes to the American high school in Egypt because her father teaches their. She has one friend who is a native Aasuma. She is overweight and smart. Her father is famous but now a lot of people think he has gone overboard. They are not rich

Taylor is one of the popular students who does not like Olivia. Her father is rich and powerful and he admires Olivia for some reason. She thinks Olivia father is crazy for some of his beliefs about who built the pyramids and looking for proof.

Paul is good friends with Taylor but he is also polite too Olivia and is not one of the ones who looks down on her. His father is mysterious no one knows what he does.

Aasuma family believes in the old fashion rules. About how she is to act and dress. Olivia and Aasuma are good friends although so different.

I was very entertained reading Egypt Rising. It is a good mix of elements in the story.

I was given this ebook to read and asked to be part of its book tour and give honest review of it.

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