Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gold Cost Angels: A Doctor's Redemption by Marion Lennox

Description Gold Cost Angels: A Doctor's Redemption

Tempting the lone doc

Sam Webster lives for three things: his little heart patients, his dog and surfing. Out on the waves this gorgeous lone wolf can find the solace he craves.

When a bubbly new nurse spots him on the beach and begs him to teach her to surf, his first reaction is a big fat no! But Zoe's lust for life is infectious and tempting—she has learned to grab each moment. Can she show Sam that life is worth living if he'll take the biggest risk of all with her?

My Review: Gold Cost Angels: A Doctor's Redemption


I enjoyed reading A Doctor's Redemption. It had lots of charm, caring characters, cute dog, cute kids, lots of drama, action and romance. One love scene that I skipped over.
It left me wanting to know more about the other doctors in the story. I hope they get their story told too.
Zoe's has had to face a lot of battles in her life. She has just moved to a new city by the Gold Coast she is sitting on the beach at dusk watching the ocean notices a dog and a man surfing. When a dune buggy races along the beach and runs over the dog. Zoe runs to the dogs aid. She takes her shirt off to try stop the bleeding and realizes the owner can't get their fast enough and she saw a vet hospital only a block away. In sand she writes Vet.
Doctor Sam Webster is out surfing he see's the buggy racing toward where his dog lays. His dog his the only thing he has left of Emily's He hurries in to check and sees the woman take off with his dog.
The Vet, Zoe and Sam all work to save Bonnies life. Bonnie as a nurse in only her bra and bloody pants, Sam in only shorts is a child's heart doctor and the vet who is alone together for the two hour surgery.
Sam works, surfs and is alone after his fiancé Emily died. He owes Zoe for his dog's life and agrees to teach her to surf.
Their hospital is full of gossip. It is like a small town and most of them live in apartments right by the hospital. Zoe wants to keep her past health problems a secret, but Sam and the vet saw her scars, and two other doctors find out right away.
This is a fast quick read. Did not put the book down till I was through. Enough going on that you want to know more about the other characters. Not a boring story.
I was given this ebook to read and asked in return to give honest review of it by Netgalley and Harlequin.
Publisher: Harlequin Medical Romances (October 1, 2013)138 pages ISBN 9780373069194

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