Monday, October 28, 2013

Upon A Winter's Night by Karen Harper


I enjoyed reading Upon A Winter's Night except it kept me up late because I had to find out who the guilty person was. My guess was wrong. Very suspenseful.

The characters are different for a Amish story. Lydia Brand is adopted. She has no idea who her real parents are. She works in her father's furniture store. Her parents want her to marry their bookkeeper. Lydia keeps telling them she does not want to marry Gid. She volunteers at the farm next door to help feed the animals. Lydia loves the camels.

Josh has a different farm from others. He has camels, donkeys, sheep. In the summer he runs a petting zoo. He spent 4 years out in the world working for a zoo till he came back and joined the Amish Church. Now it is Dec. He rents his animals out for Christmas events.

Lydia finds a woman in a field one snowy night while she is looking for a camel who got loose. She is not sure if the woman is alive and she finds a note in her hand that she picks up to try and read. Puts it in her gloves. Puts her cape on the woman and runs to get help.

Their are a lot of problems that they need to call the police and emergency a lot of different times. They don't have phones so it is more stressful to get the help they need.
It makes me think how much I take simple things in my life for granted. Like being able to call or drive a car.

Lots of drama, action. It is exciting book that keeps your attention. A few of the secondary characters we have met in previous books. This is a clean read. Does not get much into the Amish beliefs. Just about their Christmas beliefs. Their is some violence in the story.

I was given this ebook to read and asked in between to give a honest review of it by Harlequin and Netgalley.
publication: October 29th 2013 by Harlequin MIRA 384 pages ISBN 9780778314721

Description below taken off of Netgalley

A cold night's silent majesty hides a bitter secret…

Though she is deeply loved by her parents, the fact that Lydia Brand is adopted has always made her different from her close-knit Amish community. But as Christmas approaches and she begins to search for answers about her biological parents, more questions surface.

Soon it seems that the deaths of two women in her small town may not be coincidences, after all. And her pursuit of the truth has left her only with hints of a dark secret—and threats from an unseen adversary.

While she does her best to stave off advances from her parents' preferred suitor, Lydia discovers that her heart truly belongs to the man who's been there all along: her friend Josh Yoder. It's only with his help that Lydia can ensure that the stillness of a winter's night means peace…and not danger.

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