Sunday, October 20, 2013

The House on Main Street by Shirlee McCoy (Apple Valley )


In Apple Valley, Washington, friends are always near, neighbors have no secrets—even if they’d like to—and long-held wishes have a way of coming true…

Interior designer Tessa McKenzie has built a good life far from her Washington hometown. She intends to get back to it—as soon as she sells the cluttered Victorian house and antiques shop she inherited from her sister, Emily. But leaving Apple Valley a second time won’t be so easy. There’s her grieving nephew, Alex, to consider. And there’s Sheriff Cade Cunningham, the adolescent crush who could easily break her heart again if she let him.

To Cade, Tessa was simply his high school sweetheart’s kid sister. But now there’s no denying she’s a beautiful and caring grown woman, one he’d like to get to know. Except that Tessa is determined to leave again. If Cade wants to change her mind, he’ll have to show her that small-town life has its lovable side—and that he does too. Most of all, he’ll have to convince Tess they’re good together, and that every step has led her right where she was always meant to be…

My Review:The House on Main Street by Shirlee McCoy


I loved the House on Main Street. It has a good story. Strong characters, romance, mystery, touches your emotions in many ways, clean story.

Tessa McKenzie has come back to Apple Valley to bury her sister and husband. She wants to clean up her house and sell it. Take her nephew Alex and her Aunt Gertrude back to Virginia with her.
Tessa does not want to see Cade the man she had a crush on for years who liked her sister Emily.

Gertrude raised both of her nieces in Apple Valley when their mom dropped the girls off at young age and disappeared. She does not want to move. She is feisty. Loves to argue with Tessa.

Alex hardly talks, he loves to play piano and composes music. He has autisms.

We meet a lot of characters of Apple Valley and a lot of them are single. It sets up for lots of stories to be told in the future. I know I want to come back to Apple Valley and read them.

The setting is Apple Valley, Washington a small town

A angel figurine that has been in the Riley family for generations is stolen. Alex has strong feelings for it. Gertrude things now the family is cursed because it is not kept in the Riley house and its her fault.

I was given this book to read by Netgalley and Kensington Books and asked in return to give honest review of it when finished.

publication: November 5th 2013 by Zebra Kensington Books 352 pages ISBN:1420132350

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