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Freezer I'll Shoot (A Vintage Kitchen Mystery #3) by Victoria Hamilton

The Book Title: Freezer I’ll Shoot, Book 3 of the Vintage Kitchen Mystery series.

By: Victoria Hamilton

Genre: Cozy or Traditional Mystery

Number of Pages: 304

Synopsis of the book (usually from the back cover)

Trying to escape her overbearing mother, vintage kitchenware enthusiast and soon-to-be columnist Jaymie Leighton retreats to her family’s cottage on Heartbreak Island. While there she hopes to write an article about the Ice House restaurant, owned by good friends and neighbors, siblings Ruby and Garnet Redmond. Once an actual icehouse, the restaurant is charmingly decorated with antique tools of the trade, including a collection of ice picks.

One night, while working on her article, Jaymie overhears an argument and, ever the sleuth, sets out to explore. But when she stumbles upon a dead body her blood runs cold. It’s Urban Dobrinskie, whose feud with the Redmonds is no secret, and he’s got an ice pick through his heart. Now Jaymie’s got to sharpen her sleuthing skills to chip away at the mystery and prove her neighbors’ innocence—before someone else gets picked off…

Victoria Hamilton, nationally bestselling author of the Vintage Kitchen Mystery series, is the pseudonym of Donna Lea Simpson, bestselling author of romance and historical mystery novels.

Victoria starting reading mystery novels at the age of 12 and devoured Agatha Christie mysteries, as well as those of Dorothy L. Sayers and Ngaio Marsh. She still adores mysteries, especially the cozy mysteries of Janet Bolin, Krista Davis, and others.

She loves to cook, and collects teapots and teacups, as well as vintage kitchen utensils and bowls. She also enjoys crafts, especially cross-stitching and crocheting, and spends summer days in the garden, drinking tea or wine. Besides the Vintage Kitchen Mystery series Victoria also writes the Merry Muffin Mystery series (Bran New Death – September 3rd) and the Teapot Collector Mystery series which debuts with Tempest in a Teapot, out June 3rd, 2014.

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My Review:Freezer I'll Shoot (A Vintage Kitchen Mystery #3) by Victoria Hamilton


This is the third book of A Vintage Kitchen Mystery but the first one I have read. I think it can stand alone but might be better if you have read the first two books, The characters are well developed and I like them. But I do feel I might have missed a little of their working together.

The plot is that Jaymie is at her family's cottage on Heartbreak Island getting the septic tank and field taken care of. While she is up late at night working on a project she needs to go use her neighbors restroom and while going finds a dead body. Her third one in the past few months.

In Jaymie's personal life her parents are staying at her house that she shares with her older sister. Her mom is always telling her what to do. Her mom is fighting with Daniel her boyfriend's mom. Daniel is rich and owns his own business. The detective that lives on the island is the one who she was questioned in the last two murders is Zach.

The suspense is good and keeps you guessing till the end about who the murder is and why. Their are a lot of suspects.
This story has good character relationships. I am not saying this right. The characters are going about their lives while Jaymie is also trying to figure out who the guilty party is. She is always trying to get more information out of Zach.
I would love to go back and read the first two novels in the Vintage Kitchen Mystery series.
The part of the story I was disappointed on was the romance between her and Daniel or even between her and Zach. Just neither seemed to really work. Maybe by not reading the first two books I have missed something. Needed more conversation or plans to show where they were going.
This is a clean read.
I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review by Netgalley and PENGUIN GROUP Berkley, NAL / Signet Romance, DAW.
Nov. 5 2013 Pub. ISBN:9780425252376

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