Sunday, November 10, 2013

Waco's Badge by J.T. Edson

Law beyond the limits ...

In wide-open Arizona, outlaws run rampant, since the authority of the local marshal ends at his town's borders. A different breed of peace officer is needed, and rancher Bentram Mosehan has accepted the responsibility of organizing a new Arizona State Police force. He's looking for men who are brave, honest, and lightning fast with a six-gun -- talents that a drifter named Waco and his amigo, Doc Leroy, possess in abundance. But the two young Texans remember all too well their run-ins with the Lone Star law, and thelast thing Waco and Doc want is to wear a badge.

But Mosehan knows these are men you need at your side when all Hell breaks loose. And Waco'll be facing one tough choice once the bullets start flying in earnest: serve ... or die.

My Review: Waco's Badge by J.T. Edson

3 stars

Was disappointed in this J.T. Edson. So far this is my least favorite book written by J.T. Edson.
Lots of long boring descriptions of stage coaches. Does have some familiar characters Waco, Doc and Belle Starr.

Like most of J.T. Edson' stories their are gun fights, women fighting. Likeable characters.

This is telling why the Arizona State Police force is needed. Why some don't want the force being started and others do.
The stage is held up with a bunch of inside information. A couple of the crooks let it slip the name of head outlaw was Belle. Some of the victims believed it was the famous Belle Starr gang. While one does not believe it was.
I hope more of J.T. Edson's floating outfit come out as ebooks.
Publisher: HarperCollins e-books (May 19, 2009) 288 pages ASIN: B0029PBVBQ

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