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HIJACK IN ABSTRACT (A Cherry Tucker Mystery (#3) by Larissa Reinhart

My Review: Hijack in Abstracta


I have now read and enjoyed all three books in the Cherry Tucker Mystery series. In Hijack in Abstract Cherry gets a call in the middle of the night to draw a picture of a murder from a witness. Cherry likes the witness and does a good job.

Cherry Tucker Mystery series is more like a soap opera. You keep hoping things will work out for her. She gets into the biggest messes. She has someone trying to ruin her artist reputation in Shawna Luke's cousin. The ending of the books make you want to read the next to see what happens next.

Hijack in Abstract takes place not to long after Still Life in Brunswick Stew. These books can stand alone but are better I believe if you read them in order for all the relationships information. Each story has a lot of the same characters and some new ones too.

Cherry is a portrait artist in a small town. She has a brother Cody and sister Casey. Cherry is very nosy. She has got involved in solving some crimes much to her Uncle the Sheriff and her ex-boyfriend Luke. Cherry lives in a two bedroom house that she also uses for painting her portraits. Right now her house is getting crowded. With ex-husband Todd, Cody and Casey.

Cherry wants to help people, she wants to find out who is responsible for the Hijacking of the trucks and other information to help a family. Luke takes her to a bar as his cover. Luke broke up with her when he caught her ex Todd Naked as she was painting him.

You don't want to put the book down when your finished. I want to read another Cherry Tucker and see what happens next in life. So if you liked the first two books you will want to read Hijack in Abstract. This is full of drama, mystery, action, humor and interesting characters make for a good story that I enjoyed

The setting is a small town not too far from Atlanta. A lot of the story happens in two different bars.
We get to know a little bit more of the mysterious Max. A Russian who ran some gambling out of his big country estate. He actually likes Cherry's art and has bought some. Cherry and Max have a interesting relationship. She has tried to get him in trouble with the gambling schemes in the first two books. I admit that I do like him too.

I was given this ebook to read and asked in return to give honest review of it by NetGalley and Henery Press.
publication: November 5th 2013 by Henery Press 284 pages

Description below taken off of NetGalley

The 3rd book in the Cherry Tucker Mystery Series - blending humor, hijinx, and Southern charm...

With a classical series sold and a portrait commissioned, Cherry Tucker’s art career is in Georgia overdrive. But when the sheriff asks Cherry to draw a composite sketch of a hijacker, her life takes a hairpin as the composite leads to a related murder, her local card-sharking buddy Max Avtaikin becomes bear bait and her nemesis labels the classical series “pervert art.”

Cherry’s jamming gears between trailer parks, Atlanta mansions, and trucker bars searching for the hijacker who left a widow and orphan destitute. While she seeks to help the misfortunate and save her local reputation, Cherry’s hammer down attitude has her facing the headlights of an oncoming killer.


Growing up in a small town, Larissa Reinhart couldn’t wait to move to an exotic city far from corn fields. After moving around the US and Japan, now she loves to write about rough hewn characters that live near corn fields, particularly sassy women with a penchant for trouble. Hijack in Abstract is the third in the Cherry Tucker Mystery Series from Henery Press, following Still Life in Brunswick Stew (#2) and Portrait of a Dead Guy (#1), a 2012 Daphne du Maurier finalist. Quick Sketch, a Cherry Tucker prequel to Portrait, is in the mystery anthology The Heartache Motel (December 2013). She lives near Atlanta with her minions and Cairn Terrier, Biscuit.

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