Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Perilous Pranks (A Renaissance Faire Mystery #5.5) by Joyce & Jim Lavene

Wanda Le Fey is dead, and Jessie Morton may be accused of her murder. Jessie was only getting revenge on a prank that Wanda had pulled on her. Someone else killed Wanda and left her in her shower, dyed blue by Jessie hand.

Now Jessie is looking for Wanda's killer - spurred on by Wanda's blue ghost following her around Renaissance Faire Village, demanding justice.

With her wedding to Bailiff Chase Manhattan less than a month away, and her new job at the Village Museum of Arts and Crafts, will Jessie be able to find Wanda's killer too?

It's either that, or life with dead Wanda, forever.

My Review: Perilous Pranks


Perilous Pranks is a shorter novel in the Renaissance Faire Mystery series. I liked it. This is the third story that I have read in the series this week. I am thinking of buying more of the series to read next.

In Perilous Pranks starts out about 2 weeks before Murderous Matrimony. You don't need to read the books in order but I think it would be better. Since I have read Murderous Matrimony #6 first, than Treacherous Toys #5 and now Perilous Pranks #5.5 some of the suspense of who the murders are is missing because I know that this character was around for book 6.

In Perilous Pranks starts out strong with the body being found right away. Jessie finds out why Wanda was not screaming at her for dying her blue. Wanda's door was unlocked, so Jessie went into find Wanda blue but dead in the bathroom.

Jessie is the prime suspect because she did not like Wanda, found the body & dyed her blue. So Jessie wants to find the real murder before she is arrested for it. Than Wanda's starts haunting Jessie and won't leave her alone unless she finds her killer.

Perilous Pranks sets up Murderous Matrimony really well.

I like the setting of A Renaissance Faire village. How the cast members always have to talk and look the part while the village is open. after it closes there is still a lot of the cast members who live in the village full time.

Jessie and Chase live together now full time in the village. They are planning to get married soon at the Village. Chase is the Bailiff and is head of security their. Chase is well liked and well known.

It is a fun cozy mystery series.

I got my copy free from Amazon

Published August 13th 2013 by J Lavene 166 pages ASIN: B00EJMVTDM

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