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Blog tour: ‘Seed of Faith: Conversion Stories from Early Church History’ by Dan Barker

About the book:

In Sunday School, we learn about the remarkable miracles of early converts. But what about their lives before they became spiritual giants? Dan Barker, author of “Little-Known Stories about the Doctrine and Covenants,” compiles conversion stories full of visions, persecutions, and miracles. Our ancestors’ paths to the gospel will strengthen your testimony as you live your own conversion story.
Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc. (June 10, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1462114415

About the author:

Dan Barker was born in Montana, but raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He’s a graduate of both Lethbridge Community College (Wildland Park Management) and Utah State University with a major in Forestry. He is also the author of “Unique Stories and Facts from LDS History” and “Mormon History 101.”

My Review:Seed of Faith: Conversion Stories from Early Church History’ by Dan Barker


This book was full of good, interesting stories about Early Mormon church conversions. I had heard some of the names before in fact I think a couple of them are my ancestors. I would have to get out records to figure out how they are related to me.

A lot of the stories were taken from journals. Not all of them joined the church. It is fun to learn about history of the converts and a little about what they went through.

It makes me want to read more histories of that period. Also to read more scriptures. I know I take for granted if I want to read my scriptures. I just have to decide ebook or which set of scriptures to I want to read.

Seeds of faith deals with the time period around 1830 when Joseph Smith was getting the Book of Mormon Printed and the missionaries were out sharing the gospel and the Book of Mormon. It tells what people were doing and where they were when they heard about the Church and what they did, and felt about it.

Some of the people had a page written about them. Others had many pages about their experiences. Their are 48 journal accounts of their experiences with Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon and other missionaries. Some of the Names are very familiar to me like Parley P. Pratt and others I had never heard of. Others like Thomas Baldwin Marsh are my own ancestors.

Seeds of Faith was well organized and easy to follow. It touched me to read these personal stories from history and made the history come to life.

I believe this is the first book of Dan Barker's that I have read but based on Seeds of Faith I would like to read some of his other books in the future.

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