Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Reluctant Witness (A Roaring Kill Mystery Book 1) by Sara M. Barton

What happens when the man you’re supposed to marry is murdered in your home?

Poor Marigold Flowers, already in the Witness Protection Program, thinks it’s her fault Jared Spears is dead. At sixteen, life as Marigold knew it ended with the murders of her grandparents. She and her family learned to live under the radar, avoiding trouble. But ever since she met the dashing investor in Newport, Rhode Island, this party planner’s had one problem after another. She chalks it up to her status in WitSec, especially after her team of U. S. Marshals is viciously attacked.

What if she’s wrong? What if something else is going on?

Enter handsome Jefferson Cornwall, thriller author, man of mystery...son of mystery and romantic suspense writer Lisabeth Causley, AKA Serena Duvall....Always on the hunt for inspiration for his next thriller, he’s willing to take her under his wing as he digs for the truth. With his team of experienced security professionals, he’ll keep Marigold alive, but she’d better not be lying to him!

To help her fill the hours, she turns to books....But not just any books...books by Jefferson and his mother...books inspired by real villains...books with a heroine who inspires Marigold. She and the fictional Nora have several things in common...deceitful lovers...the Caribbean...and men who are willing to go to the ends of the earth to protect them.

While contract killers hunt for her, her unofficial witness protection team unravels a mystery no one saw coming!...And even as the dangerous secrets are revealed, the chase is on
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My review: Reluctant Witness (A Roaring Kill Mystery Book 1) by Sara M. Barton

5 stars

First I have to say I love the cover, since I have not liked some of her covers in past.

I was given this ebook from Sara but was having trouble with my Nook so I went and bought a copy for my kindle because I have wanted to read it for awhile. All the opinions are all mine.

Reluctant Witness at 466 pages is a longer book than most of Sara's other books, but I was sorry when I had finished because I wanted to see more of these characters. I could see that this could go on in many directions.

I really liked Marigold Flowers. She has gone through so much and she did not give up. She cared for those around her. I so wanted to see things work out for her.

Their were a lot of heroes who was doing their best to protect Marigold and were willing to put their lives on the line. You had U.S. Marshalls, Highway patrolman, FBI Agents and a lot of retired agents.

I really liked Jeff and wanted to see him a lot more. He makes me wonder at the authors of some of the books I have read. Maybe their description of themselves is off? We get to a little about the book Jeff wrote and I am sure it was all fiction right.
We also got to read part of a book his mother wrote.

The suspense was good. Never new what was going on around Marigold. Why were people trying to kidnap her? Who was trying to take out her witness protection marshals.

I would have a real hard time remembering different names and backgrounds that people in Witness protection need to do.

I like the different relationships between the characters have. They cared about each other and want to keep the innocent safe.
I like how they teased each other.

The setting for the book was all over from New York, FL, CA and HI. They were on the move a lot to keep her safe while they figured out what was going on.

I like novels of Sara M. Barton and will continue to read her books in the future.

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