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Lone Star Heiress by Winnie Griggs (Texas Grooms #4)


Rescuer Turned Husband?

Plucky Ivy Feagan is headed to Turnabout, Texas, to claim an inheritance, not a widower's heart. That all changes when strapping schoolteacher Mitch Parker rescues her in the wilderness. Straightlaced Mitch has never met a woman like Ivy—beautiful, adventurous and good-hearted—but he already lost love once and doesn't dare try again.

When Turnabout's gossips target Mitch and Ivy's friendship, he proposes to save her reputation. But Ivy doesn't want to marry for honor, and she doesn't need to marry for money. Ivy will only agree to a proposal made for love's sake—but will Mitch make his heart part of the marriage offer?

Texas Grooms: In search of their brides…

Series: Love Inspired Historical\Texas Grooms (Love Inspired Historical)

Mass Market Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Love Inspired (June 3, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0373282664
ISBN-13: 978-0373282661

My Review:Lone Star Heiress by Winnie Griggs (Texas Grooms #4)


This is the last book in the Texas Groom series. I have enjoyed reading all 4 books. Lone Star Heiress is a clean romance with characters that have gone through hard challenges. I like how the group keeps growing and they get together still each Sunday for a meal.

Ivy Feagan is traveling by herself to Turnabout, Texas. She has a accident along the way, her mule has gone lame and she is dressed like a boy. She is startled by Mitch and hits her head hard.

Mitch is alone by himself at a friend's cabin and he decides to go pick some berries and runs across Ivy. He rushes to her aid and takes her back to the cabin. Mitch is a widower school teacher. He knows how it could be looked on them both being at the cabin for two days. He could not travel with her any faster.

Ivy has to stay in Turnabout for three weeks. She was not planning to stay so long and did not have the money for it. Mitch helps her to take care of business and then hires her to cook and clean house for him for the short time. Ivy loves to garden and starts a garden for Mitch even though it is a lot of work for her only being there for three weeks or so.

Ivy lost both of her parents right after she was born. The midwife took her in and raised her. She loves Nana Dovie and is worried about leaving her so long by herself. Ivy is willing to sacrifice a lot for her sake.

I like seeing the characters from previous books welcome Ivy into their circle of friends. Ivy is a hard worker who loves to garden and makes friends in Turnabout.

Turnabout Texas is a small town in 1896. Even with this last book in the Texas Groom series it will not be the last book in Turnabout Texas.

Having prayer at meals after Sunday church is just part of the story. I feel it makes the story real and is not preaching. Just a reminder to be grateful for all we are given.

I will continue to look for more books from Winnie Griggs in the future based on Lone Star Heiress.

I was given this ebook to read for the purpose of giving honest review by Netgalley and Harlequin.

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