Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jinnie Wishmaker Book One of the Troubled Teens Series by D.D. Roy

This starts out with Jinnie and her brother Bryan are going to runaway from their Grandmas home. Their parents are missing in South America. Their Uncle and Aunt want them to come live with them in their big house. They want to find their parents but know they cant do that. They are got and their Grandma takes away their shoes.
Jinnie and Bryan are kind of out of their element. So are their aunt and Uncle. They want to be good for jinnie and Bryan.
Bryan is smart and makes lots of gadgets that work sort of Like James Bond' Q. Jinnie starts to notice that she is understanding animals wishes.
She gets into a fight and has to try Troubled Teems group and finds out they all have talents. The world for them is really starts to change.
It is a fun, quick read. Where the children are the ones trying to figure out the problems and the answers to the problems.
The next book Marcus Mender sounds good to. It is a series that all ages could read and enjoy. Be careful what you wish for the way you receive your wish might not be the answer you want. It has some good life lessons in it too.
I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it when finished by NetGalley and Casey Shay Press.
06/01/2012 PUB Casey Shay Press ISBN 9781938150043 196 pages

Description below taken off Netgalley.
Running away didn't work. A new school didn't help. But will discovering her magical power solve all of Jinnie's problems or cause more?

Eleven-year-old Jinnie has a dilemma--she can grant wishes, but she can't control the results.

The school counselor tells Jinnie to join the Troubled Tweens, a group of kids with similar power problems. Maddy's touch makes anyone explode in anger. Grace can make people like her--as long as they don't let go of her arm.

But their loose use of magic attracts the attention of the Loki, a group of magic thieves and pranksters. They want to steal an open-ended wish from Jinnie, and it will take all the limited and messed-up magic she and her friends possess to make sure their powers don't fall into the Loki's greedy hands.

Jinnie Wishmaker is the first book of the Troubled Tweens series for 9-12 year olds. The series continues with Marcus Mender.

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