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The Rancher's Homecoming by Cathy McDavid


I liked this story. It could have been are town last summer burning, We got lucky and only had to leave for a day but others surrounding are city were not so lucky.
There was fire around Sweetheart, Nevada. The surrounding land and some businesses were burnt down. They were a town that built on marriages. The whole town is hurting for business. Sam feels guilty that he could not save town he used to live in. He was in charge of one group of firefighters and had to watch it burn down.

Sam wants to help the town rebuild and bring tourists back to town. He received a huge settlement after his wife's car accident where she died. Sam bought the Gold Nugget ranch which was made famous because a tv series was filmed their. Sam plans to open it up for tourists that want a cowboy vacation. He plans to spend the summer there with his 8 year old daughter Lyndsey. Then return to his father-in-laws ranch in California.

Annie family inn burnt down. Her grandmother, mom, Nessa her 3 year old and her are living in a small apartment. She is lucky to have found a job and a place to live. It is more than others have now. Her mother is depressed over the losses. Her granny Orla is having memory losses. Annie has her hands full. She likes to escape and visit the Gold Nugget over the years but today is surprised to run into Sam there.

Annie and Sam had dated pretty serious before he left to go take a job in California. Annie refused to go with him. After awhile long distance they broke up. Sam got married a few months later.

Lyndsey found some baby raccoons that were starving only two of them alive. With Annie's help got the kits started on the path of recovery. Lyndsey loved the animals that her father was bringing to the ranch. They were helping her to cope with the loss of her mother and grow closer to her father. Lyndsey starts caring for more animals that the owners can't keep them or they were lost in the fire.

Sam brings Lyndsey's pony that she out grew and Nessa likes to ride the pony. Her father wants to take more care of Nessa while Annie is struggling to keep her family together and start to rebuild her family inn.

I like the main character and also the secondary characters add to the story so much. I wonder who's story is going to be told next.

This is a nice fast read. As Sam and Annie start to help rebuild their relationship and the town to start hoping business will start again for the town of Sweetheart. I know that their will be at least two more books in this new series. with His Christmas Sweetheart coming in Nov. 2013. I know I want to read and see who the next story is going to be about.

06/01/2013 PUB. Harlequin Imprint Harlequin American Romance ISBN 9780373754625

I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it by Netgalley.

Description below taken off of Netgalley

The Rancher's Homecoming
A Time To Rebuild

It's gone-everything Annie Hennessey, and two generations of Hennesseys before her, had worked so hard to build. The devastating forest fire didn't just claim her family's Sweetheart Inn-it also burned half a town whose livelihood is wedding tourism. Now the struggle to rebuild is just beginning, and Sam Wyler's sudden reappearance isn't going to make things any easier on Annie.

Nine years ago, Annie and Sam were deeply in love. When he left to seek his fortune, Annie couldn't forgive him. Now Sam, widowed with a young daughter, is back and eager to help the town recover. But Annie needs more than bricks and builders to heal her proud and wounded heart. Could the love they once shared hold the key?

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