Friday, July 5, 2013

Return to fender by Virginia Brown


Harley is the best tour guide slash mystery solver around. I have read a few books of this series and they are fun to read. They keep you guessing on just what is going on, Harley is always getting into trouble. The Characters are such a wide range from silly, to scary and over the top they are fun to watch. Plus it is a clean read except for all the mud.

Harley's friend and co-worker brings his drag queen friend Jordan around for her help. Jordan thinks his wife is trying to kill him. He keeps on getting away. He does not want to go to cops. Jordan is not all the way telling the truth about what he has going on.
Jordan is an accountant who likes to dress up as Diana Ross.

Jordan calls Harley and tells her that someone is chasing him to come help. She does come and she gets shot at and almost arrested.

Harley's boyfriend is Mike Morgan an undercover cop. He tells her to stay away from Jordan. Let the police do their job. In fact he just got through telling her right before she got involved in the chase.

Bobby is a friend she grew up with. He is now a police in charge of murders. He tells her to stay away from Jordan. She does not know what he is into. He keeps threatening to arrest her.

So Harley spends a lot of time trying to stay out of Bobby and Mike's way but does not succeed.
Harley's father grows weed and smokes it. Her mom is tells the future but not good enough to understand till after the event. They lived for years out in different communes in California. Now they live in Memphis.

Harley's co-worker is Tootsie. He likes to dress as a drag queen and tells his friend he really doesn't want to have her look into his problems. She solves crimes by accident.

She keeps finding dead bodies. Never kills anyone just finds them while taking people around Elvis's hometown.

I was given this ebook to read and asked in return to give honest review of it by NetGalley and Bell Bridge books.
05/26/2013 PUB Bell Bridge Books ISBN :9781611943078

Description below taken off of NetGalley.
Find out who's trying to kill one of the best-known drag queens in Memphis? No problem. Harley's on the case. Until someone decides she's getting a little too close to the truth . . .

Halloween's just around the corner, and business is brisk at Memphis Tour Tyme. Harley doesn't need an extra job, but when her pal Tootsie asks her to help Jordan Cleveland, his fellow drag queen, she can't resist poking around in the mystery. How dangerous could it be for her? After all, Jordan's the target of the threats, not her. He's had his brake line cut, a concrete flower pot dropped over his head, a pickup truck nearly ran him down, and someone tried to push him off a sidewalk into heavy traffic. He and Harley think his ex-wife is the most likely culprit, but after Jordan is sideswiped by a car and ends up in the hospital, trouble starts to turn Harley's way. The next thing she knows, she's dangling off the side of the city's famous Peabody Hotel while an anonymous thug tells her to mind her own business . . . or else.

Things can only get worse, and she ought to heed the demands of her hunky police boyfriend, Mike Morgan, who's really worried. Even the guests at a local Halloween party start to look like suspects. Maybe the guy dressed up as Jay-Z is out to get her. Or one of the Kardashian sisters.

But how dangerous can it be to leave the party just long enough to retrieve her brother's coveted Fender guitar from Tootsie's empty house? Harley will return safe and sound, right?

Virginia Brown is the author of more than fifty novels in romance, mystery, and mainstream fiction. In addition to the Blue Suede Memphis mysteries, she writes the bestselling Dixie Divas mysteries.

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