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Review Mai Tai One On by Jill Marie Landis

Mai Tai One On by Jill Marie Landis
4 stars
I had read the third book in the series Three to Get Lei'd. Which was good and I was looking on my kindle and realized I had the first book
Mai Tai One on it. So I read it too. It did not disappoint. I laughed I was kept guessing on who to trust. I did know who was innocent because they
were still characters in the third book. After I had read it I went and bought the second book and am excited to read that soon.

Mai Tai One On is full of over the top fun characters. The Hula Maidens are a group of senior citizens who are dancing the hula dances at the Tiki Goddess
Bar for free. They don't dance very well but have fun doing it. They get into a lot of trouble and mischief.

Em Johnson has been divorced and broke when the Hula Maidens had a fund raiser and paid for her airline ticket over to help her run the Tiki Goddess for her
Uncle louie Marshall who was having problems with his finances. She is bringing new ideas to the bar that is bringing more business in.

While everyone is in the bar someone put a dead body in the luau pit. It was their neighbor who has argued with Louis for 40 years. He is not a likeable character
He burns a lot of trash and the smoke really bothers the bar. Especially when it is the Luau night.

Sophie Chin one of the bartenders went over that morning and had a fight with him. She was late for work that day and became a suspect. She was living in her
car when Em had hired her. Em did not ask about her background or call referrals at all.

Em is asking questions in the wrong area and is kidnapped by someone.

Detective Roland is the one in charge of the murder investigation. He is good looking and on the side he dances with fire knifes on the side. He flirts with
Em. (I want to see more of them together in future) He is always trying to get the Maidens to stop crazy stunts and asking Questions.

Their is also a parrot called David Letterman that predicts if a drink Louie makes up will be a success or failure. He brings more laughter to the story but I don't
think serving drinks to critters is smart idea.

I do enjoy this series of books. They are pretty clean. Lot of the story takes place in the bar. Has good suspense and mystery. fun characters. Has murder, kidnapping,
even a car chase in it with the hula Maidens doing the chasing. Just needs a little more romance. I have now read two of the books and look forward to reading
Two to Mango next in the series.

Description taken off of Goodreads.

Book 1 of The Tiki Goddess Series

Six months ago, if anyone would have told Em Johnson she'd end up divorced, broke, and running the dilapidated Tiki Goddess Bar on the magical North Shore of Kauai she would have told them to shove a swizzle stick up their okole.

As if all that isn't bad enough, when an obnoxious neighbor with a grudge is found dead in the Goddess luau pit, suspicion falls on Em and the rest of the Goddess staff. With the help of a quirky dance troupe of over-the-hill Hula Maidens, Em and the cast of characters must ban together to find the killer and solve the mystery before the next pupu party.

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