Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Tegen Cave blog tour review and giveaway

My Review

I hate spiders. Lots of spiders in this story. So it was a creepy crawly tale for me to read. I might end up sleeping with the lights on tonight. This book took twists and turns I did not expect. Kept me reading. Trying to figure out where the good guys or bad guys were.

Lots of dead bodies count in this book, lots of spiders, too many sex scenes, lots of bad guys and all around Sara Jones it evolves.
This is not a light hearted story.

Sara is a strong character. She is 24 years old. For the past few years she has been living with her boyfriend Conner who is 9 years older then her. Sara works as an accountant. She realizes what business her boyfriend's family is really in, crime. She plans to run away and plans well so she thought. Sara decides to head to Billings after meeting a woman on a bus. It sounds good to her.

When Sara gets to Billings she gets a job and is living in a hotel. As she is waiting for a person to help her find apartment she receives a package. She takes it up to her room and Nancy Stewart from the property management company comes with her. To talk about what she wants in a place to live. Sara is afraid that Conner has found her and sent the package.

Sara does not want to open it but does. Nancy asks to see the ring and while she is looking at it she is bitten by a spider. She immediately reacts to it. Sara calls 911 for help. After the ambulance is gone Sara runs into Brett. Brett offers to go with her to the hospital to give him just a few minutes. Before they are ready to follow Nancy to the hospital she gets a bunch of messages asking what hospital they took Nancy too. Nancy has disappeared. There is no record of Sara calling 911.

Sara calls the police and tells them what happened. They will look into it and find Nancy. Nancy has disappeared. Soon more people are being bitten and disappear. Sara even gets bitten but she is okay. She keeps finding spiders more and more spiders. The hotel is sprayed twice. Brett and Sara leave the hotel and move into Brett's co-workers house while he is out of state working.

Sara is not sure what to believe is going on. She has weird dreams and starting to suspect Brett and everyone around her.

If you like spiders and creepy mystery that keeps you guessing you will like this story. If you hate spiders worse than me skip this. I was not kidding about leaving the lights on tonight. I had better not see a spider.

I was given this ebook and asked in return to give honest review of it and be part of the blog tour.
Publisher: Silver Tongue Press (April 19, 2013) 268 pages ISBN-13: 978-0989254601

After running from her boyfriend’s powerful organized crime family, Sara Jones starts a new life in a new town. But when people around her start dying from poisonous spider bites after she receives a mysterious package with a spider concealed inside, she worries that the family has found her. Life takes an even more bizarre turn when she seems to be not only immune to the spider venom, but also surrounded by a sinister group of people she suspects is a spider cult. Even her new boyfriend starts acting suspiciously. Just who can she trust?

About the Author
Inge-Lise Goss was born in Denmark and immigrated to the United States at the age of four with her family. She was raised in Utah and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Utah. She is a Certified Public Accountant and has audited numerous companies. She has four grown children. She now lives in Las Vegas with her husband and their dog, Bran.

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