Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Three to Get Lei'd by Jill Marie Landis

MY Review: Three to Get Lei'd A Tiki Goddess Mystery book 3

4 stars

This is a cozy mystery that will have you smiling and laughing along the way throughout the book. The characters are crazy, feisty and loveable. The plot keeps you guessing for most of it. It is full of bar drinks and most of the action takes place in the bar on Hawaii's north shore. I would enjoy reading the first two books of this series sometime.
I don't drink, and have never been into a bar so the drink talk I have no idea but I think I would watch the reality show.

The Tiki Goddess Bar has its own reality show Trouble in Paradise. They also have their own Hula dancers in the Hula Maidens. They are enjoying the fame. The Hula maidens are not very good and they are all senior citizens the oldest is 92 and wants to be called Cougar.
The Hula Maidens are a feisty group of ladies, They are enjoying their fame and their high number facebook likes and friends. They support each other with their troubles and it is hard to keep secrets from them.
Uncle Louie is the owner of Tiki Goddess and is getting ready to marry again to Marilyn. Marilyn used to be a Hula Maiden but left the group. Marilyn is feuding with one of the dancers Kiki.
Kiki is married to the Chef Kimo. Who hates the cameras in his kitchen and in his way.
Em has come to help her Uncle Louie manage the Tiki Goddess after her divorce that left her broke and alone. She does not like the reality show and how crazy it has made the bar. It has brought in a lot more business.
Then the newest cameraman was found dead in the kitchen with the chef's knife in him and The chef had left in a hurry right before the body was found. Now Kimo is the prime suspect in the murder.
Then before long another murder is committed. Em is worried about Kimo and Kiki and her Uncle Louie. She starts asking questions and tries to help.
Detective Roland does not want Em to look into things. She got in trouble last time she tried to help him. Roland does ask her out though.
If you like mysteries, laughter at outrageous over the top fun then read Three to get Lei'd and enjoy.
I was given this ebook to read and asked in return to give honest review of it by Netgalley and BelleBooks.
06/10/2013 PUB BelleBooks BellBridgeBooks 272 pages

ISBN 9781611943115
Description below taken off of NetGalley

A jigger of tranquility is all Em Johnson wants, but now that her beloved Tiki Goddess Bar has been chosen as the location for Trouble in Paradise, TV’s hot new reality show, life is anything but tranquil. When a member of the camera crew is found dead in her kitchen—stabbed to death with Chef Kimo’s sashimi knife—the scene on the sleepy North Shore of Kauai goes from eccentrically crazy to downright dangerous. Suspects lurk behind every paper drink umbrella.

It’s not enough that Chef Kimo is the number one suspect or that the life’s-a-party Hula Maidens nearly burn down the place while dancing the hula with flaming coconuts. Em still has to deal with her Uncle Louie’s wedding to The Black Widow—until his fianceĆ©’s Mercedes plunges into the Pacific. Roland Sharpe, a handsome, Hawaiian, fire-dancing detective, warns the locals not to interfere, but Em and the madcap Maidens can’t help themselves and soon wind up knee deep in danger again. Can the irrepressible troupe solve three murders before the champagne goes flat?

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