Friday, March 1, 2013

The Ghost, The Rat, and Me by Robyn Gioia

This is frustrating because it ended to soon and left me wanting more. Hope the next episode comes out soon. (Just read next book should be out in Mar.)

This is not the usual cast of students running for class president.The two that are chosen to run are one a rich jock who is always flirting with all the females. The other a girl who lives with her grandfather. Campbell lost her best friend four months ago. He died saving a little girl. Now he is back. He can't interfer with her destiny. He is a smart boy who likes to tease her.

Someone left her a dead rat on her front porch telling her to meet at night in the cemetary or else he will poison the ducks. She is supposed to come alone. Temple comes with her part of the way but he hides. She is attacked. She is sure that it is Will tuffy her rival for class president.

Campbell has a lot against her and only Temple on her side and he is not supposed to interfear.
It is funny especially Temple. You want things to go better for Campbell than it has so far. It leaves you wanting to see what happens next with Campbell,Temple and even Will. Is Will really behind the threats?

I was lost in the relationship between Temple and Campbell. It took a lot of convincing that Temple was really back. They fight,tease and remember the good times. I admit to sharing a few tears.

I was given this ebook to read and asked in return to give a honest review of it when I had read it by Netgalley.
This is a really short book only 110 pages.
Published November 20th 2012 by Winking Owl Publications ISBN:9781596579781
Description below taken off of

Eighth-grade sleuth, Campbell Olson, wanted to be class president. What she got was a dead rat, a clue, and a ghost from the past.

Things aren’t the same when your best friend dies in a car accident. But when your best friend comes back as a ghost to help you solve a case, life becomes definitely better. You’ll love Temple. He’s a funny, opinionated, cool nerd who doesn’t quite have the hang of being a ghost. When I, Campbell (Bell) Olson, decided to run for eighth-grade president, I didn’t expect my opponent to be Will Tuffy, the most obnoxious boy at school, and I didn’t expect the race to start with a dead rat on my doorstep. That was the easy part. From there, things got worse and my case went from being a mystery, to being dangerous. This is my tale of the ghost, the rat, and me. Bell Olson

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