Monday, March 4, 2013

Little Cowgirl on his Doorstep by Donna Alward


This is a charming book. thier are a couple of love scenes at the end that I skipped.
Warning you might want to go to a bakery or hold a cute baby after reading this book.
Avery Spencer loves her niece and her job. She is Nell's mother now, since her sister died after having the baby. Avery's sister has not told the father that he is one.
Avery disgreed with her over that so she has tracked him down and showed up on his doorstep to tell him about Nell.
Callum Shepard does not believe he is a father. He does not trust easy now these days.
He asks for a paternaty test. Avery agrees to it.
Avery missed having a dad around. She wants Avery to know her father.
Callum has sunk everything he has into his dairy farm. He likes to be by himself with his animals. He has a lot of guilt of surviving when everyone else in his unit died.
He can't see himself as a father anymore. But when Avery has left to fly back home
Callum stops her and asks if she can stay awhile so he can get to know his daughter.
Callum slowly accepts his daughter and comes to care for her. He also starts having feelings for Avery.
Avery's work has had to close down for repairs after a fire next door. She loves to make cupcakes and fancies them up. She starts baking at Callum's place more than they can eat. So they take them to a haven that helps women get on thier feet after abuse.
Avery starts making herself useful and fitting into Callum's world.
This is a fast read. I enjoyed reading it. Plan to read more of Donna Alward books int the future. Now I want a cupcake but not a hot one.
I was given this ebook to read by Netgalley and asked to give honest review when read.
Publisher: Harlequin Romance (March 1, 2013) 192 pages ASIN: B00A9V1AUY

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