Tuesday, March 26, 2013

'Til Death by Sharon Sala


'Til Death (Rebel Ridge, #3)

I have had 'Til Death for awhile to read. If I had realized what series this was I would have read it awhole lot sooner. I like the Rebel Ridge series.
They have suspense, lots of action,some romance, lots of family that are close and supportive. It's a good series.

Someone is harassing Meg Walker. The first thing that happened she did not realize that someone had come and moved it. The night her cow got loose and the rope was cut. She saw footprints thought it was small man or teenager. Meg for the first time is living by herself and liking it. Now she hears a board squeak by the kitchen table and gets out of bed. She grabs her gun and chase the guy right out of the house and shoots him.

Meg all of a sudden realizes she is bleeding bad calls her brother and tells him to come and bring his gun. When her family gets their she tells them that someone was in the house and she chased him out and shot at him. She stepped on broken flower vase the stalker had brought. As one brother takes her to the Emergency room another tracks the guy up the mountain and looses the trail when he got on a dirt bike.

Meg's family put new locks on her door, motion lights up and gets her a dog. Both feet got stitches in them and Meg is told not to walk on them till stitches come out. Her mom and new husband move in till she can walk. They take care of her animals till she is healed.

Lincoln Fox has come home to find his father's killer. He was found guilty for it when he was a teen. Lincoln has not been home since then. He has his own construction company in Texas. He brought a travel trailer and figured when he saw that house was in ruin to fix up bomb shelter for the winter till he can rebuild in spring.

The first night he is their he hears gunshots, and see a guy run across his property and hop on dirt bike. Later when the Sheriff comes looking and finds Lincoln he knows he is not the stalker because he was a lot smaller than Lincoln 6'6". The Sheriff tells him his neighbor Mrs. Walker has a stalker.

Lincoln tells the sheriff what he saw and that he was back home to find out who killed his father.
When the stalker comes back using his property Lincoln stands in the shadow and yells at him. When he mentions if he is the stalker of Mrs. Walker he runs off but not before Lincoln recongizes him.

When Lincoln tells the sheriff he knows who the stalker is. The Sheriff will check into it,but doesn't trust him to tell the truth. Later Lincoln finds out that Mrs. Walker was actually his first love Meg.

You do realize who is after Meg but you don't know why till the end. Lincoln tries to figure out what happened 18 years earlier and who set him up and why.
Lots of colorful characters. Lot of them are back from the first two of the series. Their a couple of love scenes that I skipped over. I laughed a few times. Felt sorry for everything Meg goes through. Like how strong the women characters are. Yes Meg gets hurt but she also strikes back.
I hope their are more books in the Rebel ridge series.
I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it when finshed by Netgalley.
publication: March 26th 2013 by Harlequin MIRA 384 pages ISBN: 0778314278

Description below taken off of Netgalley.com

He left in handcuffs. Now it’s time to set himself free.

Nearly twenty years after he was wrongly convicted of setting the fire that killed his father, Lincoln Fox returns to Rebel Ridge, Kentucky. There, deep in the Appalachians, the truth of that terrible night lies buried—and he’s sworn to uncover it.

His plans take an unexpected turn when, in the midst of a blizzard, he rescues Meg Walker from her wrecked car. Suddenly Linc discovers another reason to clear his name. Meg, his high school sweetheart, had always believed in his innocence, and if he wants a future with her, he has to show the world proof that she was right.

As the community chooses sides, those who once let a teenage boy take the fall for their crime are forced to raise the stakes. They kidnap Meg, leaving her to the mercy of the mountain. And a second rescue may be more than even Linc can manage….

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