Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tactical Advantage by Julie Miller


Tactical Advantage (The Precinct Task Force, #3)

Now I have read 2 out of 3 task force books I want to go read the first one and I want the final book of the series. I have no
patence to wait for the next book.
There is a serial rapest that leaves a rose and no clues. Till now the women have survived except for the one that was a copycat.
Now another woman has been raped and murdered. Someone is going around cleaning up after the rapist.

Annie is alone in the ally gathering anything she can before the snow storm washes any traces away. The one detective stepped away to make a phone call and the other two cops that were supposed to be thier are missing. Annie is attacked. She fights back and is able to hold onto her camera. Her other evidence was taken and bleach poored on the bloody handprints.

Nick hears Annie scream and rushes back to her. He is able to get a glance of height and weight before he jumps into a waiting car and leaves. Nick feels guilty about being distracted and leaving Annie longer than he realized alone in the alley.
The other two cops were relieved off duty and were back at the station. Thier were two fake policeman.

Who is going to all this trouble to cleanup after the rapist? Who knows Annie full name and where she lives? She is being watched and attacked to help cover for the rapist.

Everytime you think they are getting somewhere something else happens. Lots of action,suspense and policework, with some romance thrown in. Easy and fast read. I will continue to read Julie's work.

I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it when I had finshed by Netgalley.

03/05/2013 PUB. Harlequin Imprint Harlequin Intrigue 224 pages ISBN:0373696752

Description below taken off


When his coinvestigator was attacked just moments after Detective Nick Fensom left the scene, he swore he’d never let her get hurt again. Thanks to their tense relationship, criminologist Annie Hermann wasn’t happy to have Nick as her newly appointed protector. And although Nick couldn’t blame her,
being together 24/7 caused him to see Annie in a whole new light. Before long, he couldn’t stop picturing the beautiful brunette wrapped up in his arms—and in his sheets. But allowing unfamiliar
feelings to get in the way of the job was completely unprofessional…especially once Annie discovered the evidence that could cost her her life.

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