Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Out of Her Depth by Brenda Hiatt


Out of Her Depth is exciting adventure, mystery. Did not want to put it down. It makes me want to learn to dive and go exploring.

Wynne is likable,brave and trying to be fearless. I feel like I really connected to Wynne. Wynne booked a trip to Aruba for her 25th
anniversery months ago. That same day she found her husband in a affair. It was already paid in full and she could not get her money back she decided to go by herself.

Wynne has two grown daughters. She stopped going to church because of her husband is a leader and she feels like everyone is judging her for the divorce when it was her husband chooseing a younger woman to have an affair with. Even her mother wants to see her back with her husband.

Wynne decides to go ahead and learn to scuba dive as she already signed up and read the book. Wynne really likes diving. On her first day actually diving in the ocean she finds a diamond ring that is big and expensive. She is excited to find it. She shows everybody in the boat when they are done. Someone points out that their is a engraving inside the ring.

That evening she went to a jewelery store and asked them if anyone reported it lost. Is their anyway to trace owner of the ring since it was one of theirs. When she gets back to her room at her hotel her room has been broken into. It is a nice hotel they move her to a different and bigger room.

The next day she goes to her diving class again they are going on dives to different spots. Everyone knows her room was broken into.
Wynne forgot to take the ring out of her pocket. She decided that that she would put the ring in the big hotel safe when she got back too the hotel.

She had a message at her hotel from the jewelry store that they found the owner, would she come back to store at 9:00 pm. She was wondering why that late and specific time. She decides to go way earlier and finds out who was owner for sure.

Ronan was helping with the dive. He is around her age and was flirting with her. Ronan worked with insurances agency and found out that the woman who's ring it was murdered in Florida. Her husband Stefan Melampus a refuted mobster was facing a trial for killing his wife. Ronan tells her not to trust the cops because a lot of them want him to be found guilty.

Wynne does not know who to trust. The hotel big safe was broken into the second night. She had forgotten to put the ring in the safe.
The FBI sends two agents down,the mobster sent a representive down and a lawyer. All three groups want the ring. Even their is someone that attacked Ronan and her threatened her want the ring.

Wynne likes Ronan and trusts him a little, as she figures out who to trust with the ring. Is Melanie alive or is the woman her sister Michelle?

Lots of diving that sounds exciting to learn and see everything,lots action,lots of suspects, drama and even some romance. It is also a clean book. I would read Brenda Hiatt books after reading this one.

I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest review of it when I was done by Netgalley.
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books (February 27, 2013) 226 pages ASIN: B00BM89WK8

Discription below is taken off of Amazon

No fear was her new motto. But she never expected to be targeted for murder.
Indiana housewife Wynne Seally is determined to put her life back together after her husband leaves her for a younger woman. Traveling alone to Aruba and learning to scuba dive seem like big steps in that direction.
However, Wynne plunges in over her head when an underwater discovery turns out to be a clue in a high-profile murder case. With the help of handsome insurance investigator Ronan Gale, she soon finds herself embroiled in unraveling clues that could set an accused man free . . . or get her killed.

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